Ay, ’tis a sad day.

Mourn with me, brethren and sistren…

I’ve probably had these jeans 20 years. Didn’t actually wear them much in summer since moving here, which is why they lasted as long as they did. Started patching them last year but the fabric is just rotted. When I was a teenager that would have been stylish, but I’m really not a stylish kind a guy – at a minimum my pants have to keep my balls covered or they’re of no use as pants and it’s time for them to retire and spend more time with the cleaning rags.

But I mourn my loss, nonetheless.

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4 Responses to Ay, ’tis a sad day.

  1. Kentucky says:

    Those are just well-broken-in . . .

  2. coloradohermit says:

    But it’s fashionable these days to have more hole than jean. I had a pair I loved that were relegated to house chores only due to gaping holes, but now they’re proud town attire. Although I must admit that not having balls to keep covered does add to the fashion freedom. Old lady in holey jeans – what a hoot.

  3. jed says:

    Now that they’re distressed, they should fetch a good price on Etsy. I think younger people are less concerned with having their underwear on display.

    I used to patch jeans and wear them until they were almost falling apart. But then I wore business clothes to work. Once I started wearing casual clothes to work, I replace them more frequently. But, I use the old pant legs to make stuff sacks.

  4. John says:

    Didn’t this blog go here a while back?
    Aren’t they, “labor added” and worth $500 to a fashion store someplace, or eBay? Anyway, like Kentucky said, they just look broke in. Other side not shown. I did forfeit a pair that after laundry, battery acid had made to racy for public…

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