Back at T&S’s…

…twice a day for the whole week.

I don’t anticipate any particular drama this time, though the extended Monsoon is causing an issue since the afternoon rain coincides with my afternoon visit and the Jeep ain’t got no windshield wipers. Also the driveway is narrow, steep and winding and the Jeep ain’t got no power steering, but we already worked that out: T left his 4X4 pickup at the bottom of the mesa and I switch vehicles before going up to the house.

Hopefully rain won’t be an issue, the forecast says it’s supposed to back off today and be clear all week. We’ll see. It’s been such a thing that there’s still standing water in the wash for several days since the last time it ran, and that has never happened in my experience. It normally soaks into the deep sand and at least surface dries within a couple of days. And Monsoon is normally over for a month or more by this time of year. I need to be cutting firewood instead of huddling inside afraid to get wet. It’s not even like this has been an outstandingly wet Monsoon: My rain gauge says just shy of 11 inches for the year, where it was half again as much last year. We have had only like two big storms all season. But it started in early June and has continued into October, which is nuts.

Taking the good with the bad, it’s also been the coolest summer in my memory, so there’s that.

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