Before you ridicule, have a clue.

Courtesy of Joe Huffman comes this bit of idiotic fluff…

And after wracking my brain to come up with a response that hasn’t been said a million times already, all I’ve got is this.

ETA: Speaking of machine guns and the quality of the people associated with them – Compare and contrast the two twits in the video above with the guy in this one. Which would you rather share beer and conversation with?

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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4 Responses to Before you ridicule, have a clue.

  1. And then I wanted to take a machine gun to that stupid broad. Oh where is my little head banging dude…

  2. The curse of the self-evidently superior human being rears its ugly head yet again, otra vez #6,348. Apparently it just never gets old.

    Just yuck it up there, Eloi. You’ve earned that, for having figured it all out.

  3. Luton Ian says:

    Hi, I followed the link from Ian’s forgotten weapons.

    I see you’ve got Wendy McElroy on your Blog roll (and the Dutchman too), Great!

    That’s the second clip I’ve see of the young Turks and the second where he spouts an anti gun meme or three, and the second where an outright lie is told.

    Here’s a link to the other clip.

    I wouldn’t even sit down with those two, by contrast, Ian would probably have to physically kick me out (at 3 in the morning).

  4. Buck. says:

    I wanna know where these evil gun shows are where you can walk in and sachet through the loophole and buy whatever the hell you want. I deeply want a good many things, including that Swedish K and 9/10ths of the things Ian teases me with. I have been to hundreds of gun shows in multiple states. I’ve never been offered anything I want. I really want a MK19 belt fed for my Suburban. I think that falls into the whatever the hell I want category.

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