Big Brother arrived yesterday…

Safe and well, and presumably happy to be off the road for a bit. One of the things we needed to work out was his degree of actual desert mobility. He has a hybrid SUV, which – as we have learned through earlier sad experience – is not necessarily an off-road vehicle. To get to the Gulch does not require anything but dry clay and a moderate sense of adventure. To get to (and from) the actual Lair requires a competent 4X4.

Turns out BB’s car has sufficient traction, but insufficient clearance. For my driveway. 😉


Unfortunately he has arrived just in time to get a taste of why Uncle Joel spends so much time bitching about the weather. Moderate temperature today, the forecaster says, but 60 mph wind. We’re going to the big town about 50 miles away for lumber, so it’s a good thing his car is much more competent on actual pavement than the Jeep. Then low 30’s tonight, maxes out at 50 tomorrow (merely 40 mph wind) and a night down into the 20’s. We shall burn propane.

Then starting Saturday it’s supposed to get nice again. Probably even if I’m not too busy to be near the ‘pooter the connection is going to get funky for the next couple of days. Just saying.

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2 Responses to Big Brother arrived yesterday…

  1. Ground clearance is a problem here too. By the time the Atlanta folks learn that buying an SUV does not necessarily mean you can drive on the old abandoned forest service roads, it’s usually too late.

  2. Judy says:

    You two have as much fun as y’all can stand.

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