Breathtaking lack of self-awareness, the links edition

There’s a Breitbart video making the rounds (warning – it’s an hour long) of a Google “all hands” meeting which occurred directly after the – to them, disastrous – 2016 election. All participants either correctly or incorrectly assume that every single person in the packed auditorium or linked online is a dedicated movement leftist. They all but handed out sedatives, and spend the hour Q&A’ing what could be done about the awful sitch. It’s interesting in the context of all the ways Google has been in the news for the past nearly 2 years since that meeting. Those of you who do not consider yourselves dedicated movement leftists are sad, benighted people who need to be more effectively herded – and will be in future, if the Google brass have anything to say about it.

The sight of such a tightly lock-stepped tribe, going on in their intolerant xenophobic way about what’s to be done with all those intolerant xenophobic tribalists out there is occasionally precious. And occasionally chilling.

(In accordance with TUAK’s policy of open inclusion in employment, our new HR director has requested it be known that he is, in fact, a dedicated movement leftist. I quote his most commonly repeated comment, “Give me another cookie.”)

In happier news, a sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada has found a use for privately-owned guns after all. In the process of demonstrating his new-found love of the gun in an apparent anti-Trump protest, he managed to break basically all the laws – and also landed himself in a hospital facing felony charges. No sensible people were harmed during this heroic woke act, so there’s that.

In unhappier news, it is official: At least in the UK, 1984 really is henceforth to be considered an instruction manual. All real or perceived hate incidents should be immediately reported to the police – who will stomp out the miscreants in righteous wrath because they hate haters. Hate them, hate them with frothing incandescent fury terrible to behold.


Every day in every way, the morning news makes me happy I’m a frickin’ hermit in the frickin’ desert. Good luck out there.

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4 Responses to Breathtaking lack of self-awareness, the links edition

  1. Robert says:

    Citizens, do your patriotic duty and STFU! Discounts available on bulk orders of Brown Shirts. My gawd.

  2. Ben says:

    I’m no fan of “hate crimes” but:

    The whole idea of grading crimes based on the perpetrator’s politics or motivations always seemed wrong to me. If someone attacks me, does it really matter if it’s because the perpetrator doesn’t happen to like my religion? Isn’t it just as antisocial if that same person commits the very same crime against me, but does it “merely” because he wants the contents of my wallet?

  3. If a Lefty-Progressive wants to shoot themselves during a Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown, I don’t think that should even be a misdemeanor.

    I would be for allowing them a “safe space” room on campus so they don’t have to sneak around in a bathroom where they might hurt innocent bystanders. Or bysitters, depending.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Ah, but if one had a major case of constipation, Jerry Naughton, just think of how quickly a bullet ricocheting around the stall might cure the problem?

    Not to imply that any significant number of people in colleges and universities might be stuffed plumb full of shiite. of course…

To the stake with the heretic!