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Sorry about no post yesterday, nothing’s wrong, the weather just turned nice again and I went out and played. Now and then I go a day without giving the Internet a thought.

Today’s baking day so I have to spend some time indoors, but other than that I’ll be out and around again much of today. I’ve got a caching chore that got put off when the weather socked in, that’ll take me pretty far back into the boonies. Yesterday morning I tried (again) to move the tank rack we used as a target stand until last July’s big flood

…and I still can’t move it. It’s not stuck in the mud any more, I dug it out where it had been, and a stronger man would be able to right it. But I lifted it to the point where I was bearing all the weight, and my back asked me how I enjoyed my last time in traction. So I stopped.

Truth is it never was an especially good target stand, and I think come Spring I’m going to cut it up for parts and then use the angle iron and some concrete to make a better one – that won’t try to wash away because it’ll be cemented into the ground.

Second truth is, I haven’t been shooting hardly at all since I wrecked my shoulder sixteen month ago. It’s not nearly as bad as at first – I can shoulder and fire a small-caliber rifle like an AK without too much pain, and I have enough movement to draw the Tracker from its holster – but I have little strength in that shoulder and still quite a lot of pain when I forget and move it just wrong. And that’s been the new normal for the better part of a year. So the target stand – and the shooting stations which washed away entirely – haven’t been a priority. On the few occasions when I’ve practiced with my pistol, I use the target in my yard.

But I did bring in the armor-plate targets, and I am going to fix that stand in Spring. It’s scandalous that the Gulch doesn’t have a rifle range. But I’m just falling apart like an old clock here.

Speaking of that, I finally have an appointment to go see the eye doctor again. My eyes have been worrying me much of the winter. I don’t think the glaucoma is getting any worse – though I’m not sure I’d know if it were – but that other situation is getting worse, to the point where I can’t always focus. Plus there’s been a problem with one of my glaucoma meds for quite some time – I don’t really believe eyedrops are supposed to raise sores on your eyes.

Yesterday’s weather was beautiful, today’s is supposed to be even warmer but so far it’s a little windy. There’s still snow on the shady hillsides…

…but all the rest is long gone and I expect we’ll lose a lot of what’s left this afternoon. Shame I can’t use the interlude for my new plumbing problem.

This one isn’t really weather-related, though I think the cold snap may have finished it off. It’s just bad design and neglect.

There’s a gully behind the Secret Lair, and sometimes during Monsoon we get enough rain to briefly turn it into a waterfall. That water has to go somewhere non-destructive. Over years and much effort I have a nice bunkered trench that directs the water out to my driveway downhill from the cabin, where it can dig new erosion slots on its way to the wash.

Unfortunately – here’s where the bad design comes in – the trench unavoidably intersects with my sewer pipe. All that sewer pipe is scrounged, pieced together with couplers, and last summer I noticed – here comes the neglect – that there was a small hole on the upper side of the pipe right where it crosses the trench. I should have fixed it then, but I was in the middle of building the addition. I wrapped it in gorilla tape, dropped the woodshed bridge back down over it, and pretended it wasn’t there.

Now I have a malodorous patch of ice in the trench just downstream from the bridge. Guess why?

If I’d had any sense at all I’d have already acquired a couple of flexible couplers, which would make fixing this a snap. I have extra 4″ pipe but no couplers. So I’ll just have to put up with it till Saturday or so. As soon as I’ve got the bread on to rise I’ll go dig it out and apply more gorilla tape, the redneck’s friend.

Speaking of friends, check this out…

Landlady sent me this pic, titled “Joel’s closet of bullshit I need to put in my car.” One of the bulkier items isn’t a care package, I had to buy a couple of new water bottles. But one bulky item – I’ll be impressed Landlady can actually get this in her car – is a new driver’s seat for the Jeep, courtesy of a Generous reader. There’s two months worth of care packages from Big Brother, a new sight for the World’s Ugliest Gun (not a care package) and I truly don’t know what else except it seems to be a lot.

I’m really looking forward to replacing that driver’s seat, as you’ll see when I get the old one out of the Jeep. 🙂

So that’s what I’m up to, plus just enjoying the return of more pleasant weather. Not hanging around the ‘pooter much just lately, sorry.

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8 Responses to Bunch of stuff

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Glad you are OK and getting stuff done. I was starting to worry just the tiniest bit. 🙂 But I figured if there was a real problem, we’d have heard from Claire or someone.

    Sores in your eyes from the drops? Definitely NOT supposed to happen. See the doc soon. 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    That target stand is not a one-hermit job. Until you get mechanical or human help, it is best left alone.

  3. Jean says:

    I think it was combigan that bothered my husband’s eyes. If I remember correctly, he had an allergic type reaction to them. I think he is using dorzal/timolol solution and latanoprost now. I don’t know how he puts up with all those drops. It never looks like a pleasant experience, but he does it twice a day.

  4. B says:

    Flex Tape.


    It actually works for applications like this.

    I will send you a roll if you like:

  5. Joel says:

    That stuff sounds like wonder sealant, B!

  6. Zelda says:

    It is. No home, vehicle, boat or 4wheeler should be without it and a tube of SealAll.
    Given how many properties you look out for, maybe 2 or 3 rolls??

  7. B says:

    Email me with an address. Schmoo1964 at the ‘hoo

  8. B says:

    I’ll send you a roll in a care package.

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