‘But I’ll melt like sugar!’

Going out in the rain is something I never enjoyed, even in Michigan where it’s frequently necessary because life goes on whether it’s raining or not. Here at the Gulch, where rain (and lightning) comprise the only really destructive weather we get, I’ve fallen into the habit of avoiding even the lightest rain. And I can normally get away with it because rain usually comes and goes in minutes.

This morning served up an oddity…

…a midwest-style all-day soaker. And by 6:30, Tobie was giving me that look. We’re not going to be putting his walkie off till the sky clears.

Thanks to Generous Readers over the years I do have excellent though seldom-used rain gear. And this morning water dripped from it as Tobie enjoyed probably the first really wet walkie of his life. He found it strange but didn’t seem to object. At least not as much as I did.

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4 Responses to ‘But I’ll melt like sugar!’

  1. Goober says:

    Aversion to poor weather is mostly a learned thing. Look at kids out playing in the mud and rain with smiles ear-to-ear.

    Essentially, it’s just a mental game. With the proper gear, going out in the rain can be enjoyable if you set your mind right before the undertaking.

  2. Mike says:

    Just think, in a few months the rain will be white, solid and a lot colder. ❄️🙂

  3. paulb says:

    Rain can be fun. Just stay out of gullies 😊

  4. Terrapod says:

    From the guy still in Michigan, yeah, going out and working in rain is the norm.
    Funny thing my Cairn terrier does not want to poke her nose out if already pouring, but if it starts to rain while she is already out, no big deal unless and until it becomes a solid downpour, then she runs under the deck for protection. Darn thing descends from Scottish highland stock, there is a reason all the critter up there are long hair and usually damp, and this includes the Scots..

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