“But what will I wear?”

Got invited over to Landlady’s for a chicken dinner. S&L are meeting us before dinner for beers. I always clean up for such things, I’m not a complete jerk, but in the past year or two my standards of grooming have become much more conventional. I cut my hair these days, trim my beard, and when I’m going to town or somewhere else where people are likely to be I’m a little more concerned over whether the holes in my t-shirt show.

This occasion is as close to black-tie as it ever gets, so I bathed thoroughly and found my best t-shirt and jeans. Which is about as close to black-tie as I ever dress.

Ghost is already over there, of course, and Little Bear is just too much to have underfoot so he’s gonna have to guard the homestead alone tonight. I’ll bring him back something nice.

The last woodcutting of the season this afternoon, just whatever juniper was still piled in the yard. Time to clean the saw for storage and get the chains serviced. This is going over to Landlady’s rack. She paid me 500 .44 lead bullets to keep her rack full over the winter, and it will finish the winter full. If I hadn’t needed a bath before, I did after this. Juniper is usable as firewood but you work for it: Big pile of trigs and trash for a smallish pile of stovewood.

Speaking of .44’s…

I laugh at myself when I’m getting dressed to go out somewhere social and start agonizing over which handgun to wear. The Springfield is my nicest gun, though somewhat worn it’s all honest scars. Maybe that would go better with nicer clothes. Or I could de-emphasize the whole “he’s the only one here wearing a gun” thing with the Mak. Or go completely IWB with the PA-63.

What the hell – I’m among friends. My every-day beater Taurus won’t offend anybody.wear3

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2 Responses to “But what will I wear?”

  1. Robert says:

    Yer livin’ in the right part of the country if your biggest fashion decision is which gun to wear. My wardrobe decision tree is regrettably short: “Lesse, big ‘un or little ‘un.?”

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Don’t carry concealed much, and have just one I carry openly, so I dress around the gun. I have half a closet full of things I used to wear before I started to carry, but none of them are appropriate now. I should give them all to the goodwill. Never going to work in an office again, and I don’t go anywhere needing fancy dress either. Life out in the country suits me just fine. 🙂

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