California Fleein’

I was listening to a podcast this morning while doing chores and somebody mentioned California being so expensive people could only afford rent. I retorted to the empty air, “Hell, I lived in California and slept in my truck some months because I couldn’t afford rent.” The air was suitably impressed.

Then I came inside, booted up the ‘pooter, and was greeted by an email from Terrapod with this bit of synchronicity…

I gather things haven’t improved since I left in ’06. (Smile) It’s not often that I’m ahead of a curve.

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3 Responses to California Fleein’

  1. Robert says:

    Good move, Joel. Uncle Sam decided San Diego should be my home port despite me asking for anything anywhere East Coast. Loved San Diego. Left and came back a while later to … WTH happened?! Thanks for the song.

  2. Spud says:

    Left Socal in 1980. Moved back to Idaho, stayed for almost eighteen years.
    Left for Floriduh in 97 , to go sailing. Still here and don’t want to go back to either !
    To cold in either place now . Also too stupid politically in either one…
    Not that Floriduh is perfect mind you ha ha, at least it doesn’t get cold much.

  3. Robert says:

    Spud: SoCal was too cold? Your body’s thermostat must be set way low. 🙂

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