Care packages!

Landlady got in last night, and this morning it was Christmas!

Check it out…

A door snake and a bottle of Bushmills! I’ve managed to keep that bottle sealed until now, but it’s calling me. I’m not sure I’ve ever even tasted good Irish, but I am a sucker for the Water of Life.

Coffee and roasted peanuts! From a Generous Reader who said in an email that he doesn’t do Patreon, but slipped the blog $20 anyway. Plus coffee and peanuts.

This is getting to be a TUAK tradition from CH, who sent dog and Joel treats. Canned meat!

Speaking of Patreon, here’s the new Official TUAK Game Camera I promised to score if we went over $50/month, which we did some time ago. With a big assist from Big Brother, who also threw in a big mem card and a giant box of batteries. Which should pretty much kill any excuses I was thinking of. I’ve even scouted where I’m going to mount it first: Just a matter of figuring out how the thing works.

Yay! Books I haven’t read a hundred times before. Actually one of these I ordered some time ago. Another somebody picked off the TUAK wishlist, and I’m not exactly sure who sent the third. But thank you so much!

And here’s something really exciting…
In my whole life, I’ve never owned an actual homemade quilt. Landlady made this one. Does she know me, or what? 😀

You guys rock.

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5 Responses to Care packages!

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    YAY Joel! I really like your quilt!

  2. Ben says:

    That quilt is definitely Joel! It looks warm too.

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    When I was in the Navy, my grandmother & great-grandmother made me a quilt; they even embroidered my name & the name of the ship on it. I still have it, of course. I have lots of old handmade quilts–that’s what country women do–but that one’s my favorite.
    I like Barbara Tuchman’s writing. I just finished “A DIstant Mirror”, and “The Guns of August” occupies a prominent place on my shelf. I’ve never read the one you have, but I may have to look for it.
    Good haul, Joel!
    I apologize for not sending you anything this year, not even Brittle Brothers or coin of the realm, but my job is going bye-bye in April, & I’m building up all the cash reserves I can in preparation. Fortunately, you have lots of other folks who also care about your well-being, & they seem to be taking up the slack for my miserly ass.

  4. Nice quilt and definitely personalised – the pockets are a good touch – and practical.

    A friend surprised me with a quilt a few years ago – and I know with a certainty that there’s only one like it. They’d noted that I had various items around the house based on Grateful Dead or Dia de los Muertos skeletal themes – so the entire quilt face has panels featuring these motifs – probably more than a dozen different fabric prints. The detail was impressive as well as the colors and different patch sizes in the panels – and as a bonus – a full-size skull and bones within the center panel.

    Morbid and not to everyone’s taste – but I continue to be impressed by the work and thought that went into it and how tasteful it looks despite the theme. I had it hanging on the line today to air and had to stop and just look at it – again – to appreciate it.

  5. John says:

    What nice Christmas care packages and the quilt with pocket and buttons from Landlady is a sure one of a kind. Fitting that you built a whole new room for it.

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