Care packages! Christmas in July…

Landlady was scheduled to come up this weekend but I wasn’t expecting much in the way of care packages. I had bought some stuff on Amazon, tools and such…

A package of yeast, a set of clamping leads for my multimeter, a pair of lopping shears for that clearing job that is currently hanging fire, and a package of AAA batteries…

Sidebar – I’m supposed to be this rough-tough got-it-all-figured-out desert survivalist, right? Got all my preps categorized and alphabetized and stored carefully on the part of the pegboard with the right silhouette painted on, right? Uh huh. So how did I run out of common batteries? I’ve got a zillion AAs – people have sent me veritable tubs of them. And normally I’d also have a sufficiency of AAAs, since so many flashlights and other small gadgets use them. But I guess I didn’t restock last time I replenished flashlight batteries, because … there I was. Embarrassing.

(ahem) Anyway, it turns out some Generous Readers had in fact sent some stuff…

I had pretty much decided not to try one of these solar-powered bug zappers because I have real questions about their overall utility. But somebody sent one anyway, so I guess we’re going to have a review post. Given how thoroughly I’m currently covered with mosquito bites, you may be sure I’ll be installing this promptly. It’s apparently only made for a ground stake like a yard light, but I already see how I’ll modify it for a hanging hook.

Somebody hit the Official TUAK Wish List…

Longjohns in July! This is great, since otherwise I definitely would have been buying these during winter prep. In Spring I demoted a couple pair that had worn past utility.

This is almost embarrassing, though…

With all last month’s talk about helmets and hard hats, at some point I guess I did put this short-bus helmet on the wishlist. It mostly seems like overkill – but in the solitude I can think of one or two times this past week alone when it might have come out of the gear bag. Basically I’ve been trying to be more cognizant of Situations Where Joel Gets Bashed in the Head. So I think it’ll probably see some use now and then. Thanks!

Some useful stuff and maybe useful stuff from Terrapod…

A drill sharpener with fittings! I’m glad the instructions are in that box, because it’s not instantly obvious how to use it. But I’ve got plenty of dull bits to practice with and can’t go too far wrong. Also he sent me a driveway motion sensor. I’ll have to play around with that: I know just where I’d like to put it, but fear it’s too far away to work. We’ll see. Anything within the advertised 400 feet is either friendly, already stuck, or already in firing position.

Big Brother is preparing for travel this month but he sent me some mail order stuff. Check this out…

A case of canned raisin bread! I’d never heard of this, but Landlady perked right up at the sight. She wants to know whether she should start stocking it herself, so we’re going to try one at coffee tomorrow morning. Then I think I’ll put a couple in the “too sick for the loft ladder” box, since logically if I’m too sick to get to my food storage I’m also too sick to bake, right?

Some power bar treats I love but never buy because whenever I have them I just eat them up in a few days and it’s starting to shrink my t-shirts, and…

A new digital humidity meter I have already put on the wall in place of the worthless dial thingie I scrounged from the RV when I first commissioned the Secret Lair in 2011. Don’t know if I’ll find the info day-to-day useful, but at least I won’t start with the assumption that it’s completely inaccurate.

Thanks, guys! Care package day is always fun.

Now I really do have to go out and do some yard work. Built and painted covers for the propane regulators yesterday.

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6 Responses to Care packages! Christmas in July…

  1. Norman says:

    Keep the brain bucket on top of the pile for easy access, and adjacent to the safety glasses; “always handy” means they’ll both get used when needed. I’ve conducted enough impromptu cranial structure stress testing to have learned that head pro is right up there with eye pro.

    Looking forward to the raisin bread analysis results. I’ve seen B&M canned bread before, but never the raisin.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Care package reports are so much fun! I really like the B&M raisin bread, but I’m told that it’s an acquired taste. Even if it turns out not to be your favorite ever food, I think you’ll be glad to have it. Toasted with butter or cream cheese – nom nom.

  3. M.Silvius says:

    The B&M canned bread is best consumed with bean hole baked beans. Think Molasses bread. Its a New England tradition made right here in Portland Maine since 1867

  4. terrapod says:

    Joel, that driveway sensor, the one that mounts outdoors, even though the literature says it is water resistant, does not do well in a deluge. put a little rain shed over it as you have done with your propane tanks. Already had to open it up and dry it out once but that is not why it was donated.

    My wife simply could not stand the sound of the in house detector going off, even when set at low volume. Play with it, if too loud, you might want to place a small resistor in line with the speaker wire or rig a small relay that would flash a diode as telltale. But being out where you are, the occasional noise might not be an issue. Note it will detect a mulie, coyote or dog going by, so be cautious where you point it 😉

  5. Mark Matis says:

    The three bug zappers I got each had a little wire hanger on their top, along with the multi-section post.

  6. Robert says:

    Serendipity: Read glowing reviews on someone’s blog (I forget) about B&M canned bread. Stopped at the local food store on the way home that same day and TAH DAH! a dented can for fifty cents off. I snagged it. Now I need the proper opportunity to try it.

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