Care Packages – get a load of this…

In response to my complaint a few weeks ago that I’d about run out of 550 cord, Generous Reader MM threatened to end that problem forever. And then he proceeded to do so, and the result arrived this morning.

That’s 400 yards of paracord, or more than I could use up in 30 years at the rate of expenditure set in the past 13. The spool is so pregnant I had to clean up a bit of a tangled mess inside the box after opening it and will probably do a little redistribution to prevent it happening again. “If you ever find yourself needing 550 cord,” I told Landlady, “In the name of God don’t buy any.”

I also got an unexpected Paratus present from Commander Zero…

What’s that? You never heard of Paratus? Honestly neither had I until recently. But there are less sensible holidays.

Commander Zero accompanied the card with a gift – or a gift with the card? Whatever…

A most useful gift! Nowadays Magpul magazines are about all you see on other people’s ARs, but Magpul does make them for AKs and prior to this morning I didn’t own a single one. This is a 20 rather than the traditional – and not outstandingly useful on varmint guns – 30s. A 20 is ever so much more handy unless you’re planning to invade Latvia. Thank you, Commander Zero!

And Big Brother, ever fearful I’m going to starve or run out of Corgi treats, sent a bunch of food from…

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend that Swanson Chicken a la King. Most meal-in-a-can food is edible at best, but this is pretty good.

Thanks very much, guys!

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3 Responses to Care Packages – get a load of this…

  1. Robert says:

    Nice gifts!
    Cmmdr Z has an informative site and the Paratus card’s chiaroscuro art makes my little heart go pitty-pat,

  2. Mike says:

    Very nice! That’s very generous of the Commander, MM and your big brother.

  3. matismf says:

    As I said before, you now have a 1/4 mile leash for Laddie!

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