Care Packages! – Puppy Shower Edition

Tobie is a happy dog! He got a helluva lot of presents in this care package drop.

A new big bed!

Far too big for the original 200 sq. ft. cabin, but we’ll work that out. I was afraid this was going to be an expensive bust, not because there’s anything wrong with the bed – it’s obviously an improvement. It’s just that the perversity of the universe tends to a maximum, so I naturally expected Tobie to be an asshole about accepting it. Instead he stepped right in and said, ‘yeah, away with the old. This is my bed now.’

Good thing, too, because anybody who inherited it would have to change his name.

Munchies! Check this out…

A big box of beef rib bones!

Tobie approves. Now we’re going to wait 24 hours to see if Tobie’s stomach approves. It’s been surprisingly sensitive to new things, so I’m adding one treat at a time to see how things go.

And then there’s a box of big bones!

Holy cow. I think these are going to be for evenings on the porch, because they’ll quite overwhelm whatever part of the cabin is left by the big bed.

Tobie’s not going to approve of this, I’m quite sure…

A training collar that is definitely going to get used. Tobie is a dream dog when he’s feeling cooperative and completely deaf when he’s not. So it became clear that from time to time he’d need some incentive to cooperate. I was too soft-hearted to put one on Little Bear when he was adolescent and we spent the rest of his life paying for that. It’s charging now and I’ve downloaded the manual, since first Uncle Joel has to undergo some training. The Generous Reader who sent this had it in surplus, but had to send away for a new charger. I really appreciate it, because one of these was on my shopping list but a good one from Amazon seems to cost on the order of a hundred bucks.

And then there’s his new big-boy tactical harness, which I got a real kick out of…

…and which cranked all the way down is a little quite a bit loose on him – but that’s good, because he probably has some growing and definitely some filling out to do. Rather to my surprise, he liked it! Or at least he didn’t give me a hard time about it. I’m glad this came when it did, because I was going back and forth on whether to buy him one myself.

That’s it for Tobie’s presents. I got an envelope containing some rubber things…

And given their point of origin I assume they have something to do with the Jeep’s rear window, which did arrive at the maildrop but unfortunately didn’t make it here due to space considerations. There were a bunch of other things that had to make the trip and there was no room this time. But hopefully we’ll get to the installation in a couple of weeks.

Thanks very much, guys!

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9 Responses to Care Packages! – Puppy Shower Edition

  1. You’re not done with the care packages yet.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    I’m glad he likes the bed. Those large bones are beef femurs. Hopefully your rancher doesn’t start to lose cattle and suspect you. By the way, bones that size are especially entertaining when given to small dogs…

  3. Terrapod says:

    Yup, the rubber pads are in case needed for the rear window. They are not specific for the task but I have used the stuff on cars for many years and just cut what I need to size.with an exacto knife (with care and on wood scrap, don’t want to lose any fingers or blood).

    Draw profiles with pen or sharpie, then cut etc. One piece is gummed on one side, the other is not. Draw and cut to maximise use of material and all that.

  4. boynsea says:

    And I see that Tobie is starring over at Ace’s place. Handsome lad that he is.

  5. Goober says:

    Shock collar tips:

    I call my shock collar the “doggie hearing aid”. Use it with that in mind. You can screw a dog up good with one if you use it as a punishment. It needs to be an attention getter.

    If and when you actually nick him with it, he will almost surely come running to you. This is your opportunity to call him and praise him and pet him profusely. Any time you shock him, you should be his “safe haven”. He will learn to run to you for reassurance whenever he gets nicked, which is exactly what you’re trying for.

    Use the nick mode. Continuous mode should really only be used if you need to stop him, right now, because he’s in danger. Again, if you shock him you should instantly convert to sweet, sympathetic uncle Joel and pet him up big time when he comes back.

    Start at low juice and increase only until he can feel it. Starting at highest levels risks panicking him into just running for the hills, which is the opposite of your goal.

    If it has a vibrate mode, get in the habit of buzzing him every time you call him, he’ll start connecting the two, and will come with the vibration even if he can’t hear you. It’s super handy.

  6. Ben says:

    Most dogs hate clothing, but I’ve seen at least one who loves to be dressed up by the kids. I guess it’s the attention.

    In this case I would be shocked if Tobie didn’t almost immediately associate the garment with a walkie, and that will make it welcome indeed!

  7. VietVet says:

    It’s a nice surprise to know they embroidered the bed with his name. Once he settles in you might consider his sleeping out on the porch. I’m happy he likes the rib bones. My Jed tears those suckers up. There shouldn’t be any gastrointestinal issues as their pure rib bones that are roasted. Shelf stable and clean.

    Tobie has a superb human to mind.

  8. VietVet says:

    After I got to thinking about it, recognizing that I didn’t give them anything but the delivery address you provided…..

    The ONLY possible way they know Tobie is because they read your blog.

  9. Mark Matis says:

    I gave Chewy the name for the embroidery. Glad they spelled it correctly. Would hate for it to read “Tubby” or some such thing…

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