Care Packages – “So gloves are the thing now?” edition

I love TUAK readers. I complained about blowing out a finger in my favorite work gloves … and found myself with the new first-world problem of where to store all these *&^% work gloves.

Other than that it was mostly canned meat and ways to psychologically torture dogs. 🙂

Big Brother is Watching…

BB is determined to teach me the true meaning of overabundance. I actually sent an email asking him to back off on the doggie treats for a while – though somebody goes through so many biscuits that they’re always welcome. Canned meat and munchies! And green stamps, which I also had to email a small confession about – I think I jumped to an erroneous conclusion about the Jeep’s coolant leak, and fixing it may be much simpler and cheaper than originally thought. You see coolant leaking off the front of the oil pan, you think water pump. Does it occur to you to wonder about the thermostat gasket? Not till days later when you open the hood with the engine hot and see (and hear) coolant actually hissing out of the thermostat cover. So. If the weather holds this afternoon, which it may not, we’re going to find out about that for sure today. Either way I can fix that one easily in the driveway.

(ahem) anyway…

Canned meat and holiday-themed sweets! This package apparently just missed the last care package day which was three weeks ago, so we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day late this year – to the extent that the holiday gets much notice in the Gulch. I actually just took all this stuff up to the loft, because if I leave it in the main room I act like a 5-year-old and get nothing but more pudge and a bellyache. So yeah – actually making room in the pantry loft for that now. 🙂

I think it was Terrapod who started the glove thing. Cold-weather AND summer-weight work gloves!

But another Generous Reader sent five pairs as well, and also more sweet stuff. And also…

This really nice headlamp, which absolutely will get used. A couple of years ago another Generous Reader sent me a couple of Ozark Storm (I think that’s the name) lights including a headlamp which ended up replacing my recently dead Coleman spotlight. I’d never paid any attention to headlamps before, believing them affectations. Turns out they’re really quite useful for going out and doing stuff after dark – who knew? And the Ozark Storm still works fine, but as feared the elastic on the headband is losing its stretch. This will replace it and may last longer: The band appears to be made of sterner stuff and Landlady informs me that Petzl is one of the fancier brands. So thanks!

(I’m detecting a theme) Canned meat! A whole sixpack of turkey and ground beef!

You guys know you have become the source of a major part of my overall diet, right? Don’t think I don’t appreciate it.

A whole shit-ton of back magazines, which I confess I normally despise as long-form advertisements but which also make pretty entertaining light reading. Wish I’d had these at the beginning of the winter, so much of which I spent sitting around complaining about sitting around – I’d have come out of the season fully versed in the latest brands of shiny prepper gadgets. 🙂 As it is I expect they’ll still brighten my evenings for a while. And – yup – canned meat.

And of course the infamous…

FOUR OF THEM. About which Laddie only wants to know…

WTF is that?

It’s there. Waiting.

😀 You guys rock.

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2 Responses to Care Packages – “So gloves are the thing now?” edition

  1. Tahn says:

    Joel, That brand of canned meat is the best I have found. I will be interested in your opinion. That’s high dollar stuff so you definitely have some readers/friends who care. Enjoy.

    PS, I always pour off the juice (no water is added) over my dogs food and they love it too, although I recon you could make gravy.

  2. Tahn says:

    PPS. I should have added that I have only tried the roast beef. Looking forward to your review of the turkey.

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