Care packages! “Why does that redneck need all those bullets” edition

Gelsocks are always welcome at the old one-legged guy’s Lair…

Somebody hit my Amazon wishlist. If you know what this is for, you might have a woodstove.

My old stovepipe brush is ten years old and I have learned that you can wear them out. The bristles no longer touch the pipe all the way around, so this gift was quite timely.

I think the same person also sent a gift for Tobie…

…which will keep the little mercenary happy for a few months. Actually I wish I hadn’t put those on the list, because at the same time I got a massive food drop from BB, who included … you guessed it. So we’ve got lots. 🙂

Here’s a new armored phone cover, which will hopefully keep the new screen intact…

And now for something very heavy…

A month ago I complained that I was running out of bullets for practice reloads, and yesterday there arrived three bulging boxes: One even had a note…

🙂 I do not promise to shoot any goats, but I do expect to be tempted.

I haven’t counted them all, but it’s a lot. Thanks! One Generous Reader who asked not to be named even started casting .44 just for me…

I owe him a review, so I’ll be loading some of these right away.

Another sent an assortment of Lyman cast bullets, including one variety I’ve never even seen and I didn’t think I had much to learn…

Does anybody even know what those are called? I’ve seen round nose and flat-point round nose and wadcutter and semiwadcutter but I’ve never seen super-pointy before.

I believe that same contributor sent some other stuff as well…

And I really appreciate it. All in all I have no further excuse to complain about running short on cast bullets. Thanks very much to all!

To repeat the previous post, my maildrop address is shutting down until further notice. So if you have that address, go ahead and lose it. I hope to make other arrangements in the fullness of time.

Thanks again! You guys rock.

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7 Responses to Care packages! “Why does that redneck need all those bullets” edition

  1. Mark Matis says:

    So were those gel socks 5 ply? Or 3 ply?

  2. Malatrope says:

    Do I remember seeing an article that discussed kevlar-vest-penetrating bullets that looked very much like those pointy ones? Mayhap…

  3. Joel says:

    Mark: these are 5-ply.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Glad they got it right!

  5. Happy shooting.

    It is good to have friends.

  6. Jim Price says:

    Being a redneck, gun-loving, reclusive, desert hermit has its perks.

  7. anonymous says:

    You have some awesome guardian angels watching your back sir. Well earned too.

    I’ve never seen those spire tipped bullets either. The design makes me wonder what the overall length is and how it fits inside cylinder. The web site CASTBOOLITS have some posts about it. This attachment is one of them.

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