Cat Ladder

Like the loft ladder, the cat’s ladder moved around a lot and took different forms in my head. The problem was that there’s just not enough wall space anywhere for a conventional pole-and-shelf ladder. Finally I decided to go with a series of little shelves, and that made everything quite simple.

The tape marks the upper corners of where the desk needs to go.

I used pallet wood for the book shelves, since I didn’t have anything else. It’s funky, but it works. Bookends are coming this weekend, courtesy of my Amazon spending spree. No, I didn’t get the fancy ones.

And from the “people throw away the damndest things” department, here’s a perfectly good – I mean perfectly good – DVD cabinet. What were they thinking?

In the next day or two my neighbor D’s gonna come over and help me mount the drawers and cabinet doors. I hope at the same time to get the oven moved in.

I’m still stuck for drain plumbing for the kitchen sink – need a bunch of stuff I don’t have and haven’t been able to get to town. The water works fine, but right now the sinks are draining into a couple of five-gallon buckets. Other than that, the kitchen will be fully functional before the end of the week! This afternoon I’ll be trying to restore a couple of cheap bedroom dressers to service.

Nearly ready to move in for the winter.

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2 Responses to Cat Ladder

  1. Claire says:

    Really beautiful, Joel. And cleverly designed.

    I hope when you’re all done (or maybe all done except for the floor tile, which I expect will take a while), you’ll give us a whole photo-tour in one blog post.

    P.S. So where did you find that primo DVD cabinet?

  2. Nice cabinet and I am glad to see you making some serious headway dude.

    I remember telling my boy many years ago that stuff is just stuff and people will GIVE you stuff.

    I was right.
    I had a whole house full of shit when I moved into a house one time.
    Couches, hide a beds, dishes, towels, you name it.

    Good luck to ya and I am glad to hear good things are happening to ya.

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