Cattle in the Blackeyed Susans…

I was afraid of this. Coming home from Tobie’s morning walkie…

… I looked out over the Lair and saw cattle coming up the driveway from the wash. They have a demonstrated ability to mow right through my big wavy autumn flowers like industrial machines, and they’re not welcome. So I rushed us down the hill, tied Tobie off to a porch column and waded into the cattle like a corgi on a mission.

Since I can’t nip ankles, I rely on noise.

And in so doing, I expended my last two hoarded rounds of commercial ammo. It’s reloads all the way down from now on.

I also was reminded of one big reason why the Taurus is not my favorite handgun, though I have to admit that in this application it’s kind of a blessing. It’s just that my eardrums don’t agree. Guess I could have paused to put my earplugs in. If you ever get a handgun with a muzzle brake, be aware that you’re in for a very loud time. I don’t really recommend them for situations that aren’t likely to involve earpro.

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4 Responses to Cattle in the Blackeyed Susans…

  1. Would something like firecrackers work?

  2. Joel says:

    Don’t know. Maybe, but the nice thing about the pistol is that it’s handy – and unlikely to start brushfires.

  3. Retired Cop says:

    How would one contribute a box of commercial noisemakers/problem solvers?

  4. Joel says:

    That’s kind of an issue since I lost my safe maildrop. Plus .44 Special ammo is very expensive where it’s available at all. But if you’re really interested in doing that, send me an email at the address found under the “Send Joel Stuff” button and we’ll discuss.

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