Christmas comes to the Secret Lair

Frequent Reader Tim sent three boxes, tightly sealed, and I didn’t know what was going to be in them but it’s always fun to find out.

There was…well, there was just a buttload of stuff. Spices and doggie toys, a warm hat I may actually wear if I can go without glasses outside after my surgery. More spices! Toiletries! Warm sox! Just a bunch of stuff. And then we got to…

Wazzat? Wazzat? Open that one!

Wazzat? Wazzat? Open that one!

Yes! Yeeesssss!

Yes! Yeeesssss!

I swear they knew what that box was about before I even opened a can.

I swear they knew what that box was about before I even opened a can.

And there were goodies for Uncle Joel, too…

Nothing says "Yes, as a matter of fact I AM a redneck" quite like the gift of Spam and bourbon.

Nothing says “Yes, as a matter of fact I AM a redneck” quite like the gift of Spam and bourbon.

And Ian brought me a gift from the SAR show. He actually went to several different tables to find me 500 cast bullets for my .44. And Landlady brought coffee! Yay!c5For some reason even .44 bullets are hard to find out there, which makes no sense to me. .44 Special may be a dying caliber, but I would imagine .44 Mag is doing just fine. Same bullets. But these two boxes are ancient.

I’d also like to acknowledge several people who have made contributions to the blog on the Paypal account. Usually that stays right there to pay for the Internet provider, though I occasionally dip into it for groceries and fuel. But right now it’s especially timely, as I need to raise more money to go with that $5000 for my eye surgery and you guys are taking some of the pressure off. I do appreciate it.

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3 Responses to Christmas comes to the Secret Lair

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    YAY! I got my usual care package from my sister in California on Christmas Eve. Had a ball unpacking it and have definite plans for some of the goodies for the next few days. She always sends me a bottle of the real vanilla I am too cheap (and poor) to buy. What a sister!! :)

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Excellent! With friends like that you might have to spend your summer adding on a pantry and a reloading room. 😉

  3. Buck. says:

    Oh, Joel…. reloading stuff is ALL in short supply. It is getting better, but not in any Buck approved kind of hurry. Not at all. The few items commonly found are bullets and brass in: 9mm, 223, .308.
    Even at that the selection blows. Those things are dipping down out of the astronomical premiums they were calling for just a few months ago when even they were in ultra short supply.
    Anything else not of those type tend to have nose bleed prices.
    This sucks as a friend and I have really gotten into the intricacies of reloading in a way that looks like we might actually mean it.
    I was gifted with the inheritance of a boatload of supplies that included a Dillon press and pistol dies, cast bullets and brass and a Lyman lube sizing press with dies…..I’ll be buying moulds as soon as they become available again.
    Well…that is if certain powders ever become available. All my favorites are made of golden unobtainium as yet.

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