Well done, good and faithful Claireistas!

The goal for Claire’s roof fund has been exceeded. Don’t let that stop you from kicking in, though. Total price is more than that, and it’s gonna run for a little while more.

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4 Responses to Well done, good and faithful Claireistas!

  1. LibertyNews says:

    Technically it’s more of a lack of a roof problem. Good thing the weather’s being overly cooperative around here.

  2. Claire says:

    Thank you, Joel. :-)

    And yes, LibertyNews, you pegged that. I had an inkling the roof didn’t have a lot more life in it & was already getting bids. But when I had to have that one section replaced — OR ELSE — I realized the rest of the roof wasn’t likely to be real friendly this winter. I already had a small leak last winter and have done some other patching. But time to get serious.

  3. Claire says:

    Thanks for the sticky, Joel! And thank you all. 35% of goal already! And that’s

  4. Claire says:

    oops, hit the button too soon. That’s only the fourth day. Whoohoo.

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