Consider the humble flashlight…

Yeah, I’m just going to go on eating crow over this. I said unkind things about this flashlight when someone first kindly donated it to me, and since then it has become an essential part of my belt gear. To the point where when it started warning me of a low battery* a couple of days ago, I actually had to schedule the recharge so as not to deprive me of the light.

For the record, I really like this little flashlight. Even if it did need a modification or two… 🙂


*Dig it! It warned me!

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3 Responses to Consider the humble flashlight…

  1. Joat says:

    Now you know about how long you can go between charges, and you can recharge it before it gets low. Don’t worry about the unkind things, it is an excessively complicated light, I am happy that you are finding it useful.

  2. sneldip1 says:

    What is the make and model of this little gem?

  3. Joat says:

    The light I sent is a BLF A6 special edition. The Astrolux S1 is basically the same light.
    If you are in the US Mountian Electronics is a good place to buy battery and charger.
    If you haven’t dealt with lithium cells I’d recommend a protected cell like:
    A high drain unprotected cell will be a bit brighter and slightly less safe.

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