Continuing my Larry Correia festival…

It’s a cold, gloomy morning, the forecast predicted partly cloudy but right now it’s heavy overcast. The Lair is warm and heavily scented with this morning’s roast pork and yesterday’s bread baking. I don’t have anything social on the day’s agenda, nothing’s going on, just chickens and dog walks and Monster Hunter Vendetta.


I laughed. “Short version?”

Mosh gave me a dangerous look. “Break it down for me.”

Well, if he wanted to be that way… “Cool. Remember last year when my accounting supervisor turned out to be a serial killer? Nope. Werewolf. Remember last time we talked and I told you about my new finance job? Nope. Monster Hunter. These guys are some of my coworkers.” I waved toward Grant and Lee, then I jerked my thumb to the rear. “Those folks back there are orcs, but it’s all good, they’re on our side. That musclebound guy who got killed back at the overpass? He was my bodyguard, assigned by a shadow government agency that keeps monsters secret from the public. The things at the concert were mythical creatures hired by a death cult to sacrifice me to a giant space mollusk because they think I poked it in the eye with a nuclear weapon last summer … Any questions?”

Mosh glared. “You always were a dick.”

“You ready for the long version now?”

The first book in the Monster Hunter International series was (at least one of) Larry Correia’s first and it shows in some clunky bits here and there. Okay, he needed to work on sentence structure but he has a native grasp of dialog and character construction, not to say plotting and pacing, that some much more famous writers would have murdered him for when they were coming up. It’s just all really good stuff, not the usual Baen ‘armored super soldiers in space’ by the numbers crap, and reading it through has become a winter tradition at the Secret Lair. I really like this guy. I know he’s going to run the MHI series into the ground, he’s already doing collaborations with John Ringo, but the Grimnoir Chronicles was a proper (and excellent) alternate history trilogy and the Dead Six shoot-em-up books – also collaborations and not as good but pretty damned good – also promise to have a beginning, middle and end. Sue me, I’m old enough to remember when novels told complete stories rather than becoming industrial products like the mystery writers crank out. Sorry; pet peeve.

And I’ve got the first book in his new series, finally available in paperback, coming with the next Landlady visit. So let it snow.

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4 Responses to Continuing my Larry Correia festival…

  1. Who...Me? says:

    Always a big fan of sci-fi, mystery, monster killer type of books. Boss at work just loaned me most of the Dresden files.

    The bad part is I can burn through a paper back in a day or so thus when I am on a reading kick it can get expensive.

  2. Kyle says:

    Man luv when u type out a long one and it decides to refresh and delete ur post.
    So lol heres the short version I Think you should read roger zelazny books trapdoors in the sand chronicles of amber book one atleast dilvish the damned. Then read a series by mercedes lackey with tannim a mechanic/racer who wields an enchanted crowbar drives a mustang thats actually and elven steed dont laugh and he sometimes helps dead people realize they are dead! First book in the series is called born to run or u can get first two books in one called the chrome borne!

    Your random pixelated friend and joels fan club number 1 fan…
    aka kyle from south side phoenix

    Hermits rule!!!! Especialy hermits with vickerz maaaacheeen guuunzzz yeee yeee!

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    I love Larry Correia, both books & blog. I truly love it when he fisks some snowflake. I’m reading his stuff chronologically, & haven’t made it that far yet, but something I noticed in the early books, which I hope he’s since corrected, in that he does suffer from an ailment common to non-Southern writers: he can’t write Southern dialect for sour owl shit. Couldn’t, at least.
    The very first book, I was grooving along, really into it, & the Elf Queen called Owen “y’all”. Just Owen, nobody else. Immediate shutdown. I had to debate a couple of days before I decided to get back into it. I’m glad I did, but it’s like hearing Carmine ask Vinnie, when it’s just the two of them, “So, youse guys wanna go get some ziti?”

  4. Joel says:

    Uh, yeah, wait’ll you see what he does to gangsta.

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