Cute: Complete

Introducing the new, improved Secret Lair!

Weather permitting, I’ll get back to painting trim next. The house paint BB paid for in April is holding up nicely, so I’ll be able to finish the trim and that little triangle of west wall over the addition, and then I’ll move to the solar panel rack and the woodshed. The Lair will look so nice I’ll probably be guilted into cleaning up the yard.

After that, I’ll turn my attention to a concrete pad and steps for the back door and finally figuring out how to get non-improvised weather sealing around the thing. Clearly something I did with that door was not standard practice. And that’s really all the building plans I have for this summer.

Today was mostly domestic chores.

Remember this stuff? I haven’t dragged this out for almost two years, but it still works fine. Naturally since I had laundry on the line it actually rained today for the first time since March. But just enough sprinkling to get me scrambling to close the Jeep windows and haul the stump socks in off the line – of course as soon as I did that the rain stopped, but it could have gone either way. If I’d assumed there would be no rain there’d have been a downpour. So now I’ve got damp stump socks on a towel on the bed – it looks like the thunder has stopped, so I think I’ll move it out to the table on the porch. 🙂

Yes, I live in a desert. Deserts are made of dirt.

And I got bread baked. And during chicken chores I checked through Landlady’s house and cleaned out her mousetraps, and watered Neighbor L’s plants. So I’m all caught up, and work-wise it’s been a good day.

Man, my back is sore today, though. Not so bad yesterday and I slept well, but I woke up sore and it didn’t go away while I worked like usual. I’ve been creeping around like a crippled old man all day.

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9 Responses to Cute: Complete

  1. jed says:

    Err, don’t you want to put some water sealant on that plywood deck?

    Otherwise, that looks very nice, and not at all cute. As one who is deckless, I’m envious.

  2. Norman says:

    Some years back an aquaintance engaged in some R.E.* for clothes drying. Forced to replace a collapsing clothesline, he built a cover for the new one. A series of tall 4X4s on (IIRC) about 8 ft centers, half-lapped with 4X4 cross pieces about 2 ft or so down from the tops and drilled for clothesline, each post/cross assembly topped by a matched pair of what looked like about 3 ft long stair stringers installed at an angle (think hypotenuse of a right triangle), 1X lumber on the stringers – where the treads would go on a regular set of stairs – the open vertical spacing on the angled stringers (where the risers would go on regular stairs) allowing about 3″ of air space between overlapping (“shingled”) 1Xs to created a semi-open vented roof.

    It permitted air movement under the “roof” and while seriously wind blown water still went everywhere, if the rain was vertical it was kept off the clothes. Seemed simple to build, and a clever solution to avoiding “rain shower panic” while drying clothes.

    *Redneck Engineering

  3. Johno says:

    Joel, this may interfere with your lifestyle, but a couple of visits to a physiotherapist and maybe some ultrasound treatment may ensure life with less pain and greater freedom of movement in later middle age.
    I speak only from my experience, as a clapped-out ex truck driver, left on the scrapheap due to old work injuries. You sound more self resourceful than me, but if you find a good physio (NOT a physio-terrorist!), life is easier even without painkillers. Although I use pain relief, when I can’t do without it, that is just sensible, not giving in to weakness. I wish you well, man.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Joel, nice job on the deck. It’s good to see the results of you work in changing the place from just someplace to hang a hat into a home. BTW, Jed had a good point, get some sealant on that plywood deck or face doing all this work again in a few of years.

  5. Joel says:

    I will pretty quick. Right now I’m burning reserve gas because my pockets are empty, but there’s some money in Paypal so in a couple of weeks I’ll be flush again.

    And anyway, that floor is temporary and designed to be removed fairly easily (with the exception of one brace that ended up right on top of the plywood, but can still be removed. In the fullness of time the permanent floor will be pressure-treated 2X4s or 2X6s, if all goes well. If I’d waited for that lumber to be available before I started on the porch I might be waiting for years.

  6. Ben says:

    With the onset of the monsoon season, I suppose that you are near the end of your traditional annual Lair construction/maintenance binge. But the last two years have made a rather remarkable change in the appearance of your abode!

    I’m not sure what your original concept for the Lair included, but I’m betting that it’s nothing like what you have today. Perhaps in a future post you might want to contrast that original concept to today’s evolved version.

  7. Edward says:

    Umm, yard you said? I suppose you can rake the sand and organize the stones…….. a nice zen setting. Then again, how far is that cattle “overflow” from your yard? I can see running a small bore hose and some drip feeders off of same then putting down a 20×10 patch of nice green sod. No sense in wasting that water 😉 BTW, did a box arrive at the drop this week?

  8. Joel says:

    BTW, did a box arrive at the drop this week?

    Doubt it, in fact I kind of hope not. Landlady is on the road, and I think she told me she had deliveries stopped till she returned. So I’m sure it’s fine but in a holding pattern at present.

  9. Ben says:

    “organize the stones” Yikes, not that!

    In my mind at least, organized (and often painted) stones, usually as borders along walks and around trees, conjures up the image of a dreary institutional setting. I’ve seen these things in places where there was an excess of “captive” labor available. Specifically, in prison yards and around military bases. I don’t know about others, but that somehow fails to tickle my “Zen” button. 😉

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