Dear Neighbor Ian: Thanks for the porch roof!

It’s so hard for us locals to find shade in the middle of the day.

P.S. – Could you ask Joel to open the window? I can’t get in.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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7 Responses to Dear Neighbor Ian: Thanks for the porch roof!

  1. Ben says:

    Being cold-blooded must truly suck!

  2. Sendarius says:

    Being an Australian, I would simply assume that any snake I encounter is venomous with a pretty good chance of being correct, but with your North American fauna, I wouldn’t be sure, so I have to ask.

    What is it?
    Is it venomous?

  3. bmq215 says:

    Looks like a Glossy Snake to me (Arizona elegans). If so, completely non-venemous. Mostly eats lizards.

  4. Joel says:

    Most people call them Bullsnakes, and they’re not harmful. Except in cases of actual phobia there’s no reason not to encourage them, though they will come right inside structures and that can be creepy. I don’t know what they’re officially called.

  5. Jean says:

    It looks like a gopher snake to me. Found one by the house the other day. One of the cats was following it and making meeping noises (Translation: WTF is this?). I walk up with our young dog, and see what Shiloh is fussing about. I pick up the snake that I know to be non-poisonous. It wraps itself around my wrist. I face it toward Shiloh. It hisses, she runs away. Snake training on cat appears to work.
    I turn the snake toward the dog, and the snake strikes the dog’s nose. Dog runs away, thoroughly scared. Teachable moment used.
    I don’t like scaring them, but it might save their lives. While we haven’t seen rattlers here yet, it is only a matter of time.
    I found a rabbit hole to let the snake go and get the heck away from me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s a Great Basin gopher snake aka bull snake. A big one will go 7-8 feet in length. Not venemous in the least but will put on a show if it feels threatened. They’ll get fairly tame if they stick around your yard. A couple of those bad boys hanging around will do more for your squirrel problem than just about anything you could come up with.

  7. Desert Rat says:

    Yep, gopher snake. They compete with Rattlers for the same food, and also fight rattlers, so they are good to have around your house.

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