Dirty Snow…

The wind blew hard all night…

…covering the snow that was still on the ground with a layer of sand.

Kind of reminded me of Detroit when I was a kid, when the decaying snow drifts were covered with black soot from all the exhausts of all the cars running rich in the cold. I don’t miss carburetors.

No weather overnight except wind, but the storm clouds rolled in during morning walkie and the proper storm came. Not much snow, though – just a couple of dustings mostly blown away before they hit the ground. Then just at sundown the sky cleared and now it’s gonna get cold. 7:30 in the evening and it’s already down to 15o and dropping like a rock. The woodstove’s all ready to deal with my freezing ass in the morning; I’m just gonna go to bed early. Hope the plumbing survives.

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One Response to Dirty Snow…

  1. bill says:

    As a kid in the early 60’s I lived in northern Colorado. I remember well the dirty snow/ice smell.

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