Diversity is mandatory. Except diversity of viewpoint, which is Literally Hitler.

This is funny, but not remotely safe for work.

“F*ck it. That’s enough Internet for today.”

Funny and almost true enough not even to be all that much of a parody – except it’s sad/hilarious how many conservatives don’t even notice they have their own instant-trigger issues calling for government violence. (ahem)

There is still the issue of the Border Wall and whether or not it will be funded via the military budget or as a stand-alone item. It must be done and the border must be sealed along with the concomitant punishing of citizens knowingly employing illegal aliens and the ending of welfare in all of its forms given to these invaders. Yes, they are invaders who are pawns (unwittingly or otherwise) to ensure the swamping and eventual drowning out of our distinctly American identity. Aiding and abetting this premeditated invasion are the traitors and flunkies in our own government, the latest being the governor of Oregon who has announced her refusal to cooperate if the President activates the National Guard. Arrest her along with Libby Schaaf, Gerry Brown and anyone else who engages in sabotaging our national security.

Yes, they will E-Verify you, and your little dog, too! While all the time shouting for small(er), less intrusive government. And never see a contradiction.

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2 Responses to Diversity is mandatory. Except diversity of viewpoint, which is Literally Hitler.

  1. Kentucky says:

    I have so stolen that video . . .


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