Does this really work for you, lady?

Get a load of this nearly irresistible* offer that appeared in my inbox!

So lemme get this straight – in exchange for an undetermined amount of theoretical money (this lady) wants to basically take over TUAK. And while the benefits to me are left nebulous, the conditions (she) places on my behavior are – in a poorly formatted manner – spelled out in detail.


Question to the world in general, though I’m sincerely tempted to respond and ask it of the sender: Does this ever work? Ever?

I dunno – maybe it does often enough to make this approach useful. After all, I dropped out specifically because the costs and benefits of continuing to chase conventional jobs became so lopsided that that life simply stopped being tolerable. But I’m aware that I’m an extreme case for several reasons, some of which may not reflect well on me as a person. So maybe this phrasing really would suck some people in.

Irony alert: I just this minute got back from a long morning walky, the mud having finally dried enough to make walking practical again, during which I listened to a breakdown of the movie Office Space. You’re probably familiar with it; I never liked that movie 20 years ago because it frankly hit too close to home to be funny. But I think I might look it up again, because now I might be able to laugh along with the protagonist as he explores the costs and benefits of hitting “f*ck it.” High on the list, of course, is the freedom to tell those who insist it’s your duty to do more with less for their benefit to stick it in their ear. Or better yet, ignore them entirely.

*And by “irresistible,” I mean it’s not the slightest bit attractive.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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2 Responses to Does this really work for you, lady?

  1. Robert says:

    Step 1: Ask for an exorbitant amount of money.
    Step 2: Accept.
    Step 3: Easy street!

    Sounds like a solid business plan to me, Joel. You should receive an invoce for my consulting shortly.
    Semi-seriously though, I wonder how Emily’s cyber transaction would work.
    I’ve never heard of anyone ensuring a niche. Is that like doing lunch?
    And it should be “blog’s” not “blogs” requirement. I bet your editorial eye caught that.
    Do you have to wait a year for payment in order to ensure the longevity requirement? So many questions…

  2. Midwestmike says:

    Is that the Steck video? If so, it’s spot on.

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