Done with that part of the chore…


Stocking the woodshed every year is very time-consuming but seems less so because I do it a little at a time and it’s kind of a constructive process. Emptying it didn’t actually take as long as two hours but it seemed to go on forever.

And all the time I was doing it this morning, I was thinking about improvements I could make. The hoopshed is an unexpectedly successful makeshift, but I think that since I’m in construction mode this summer anyway I’m going to retire it. For one thing I’m thoroughly sick of building condos for rats*.

I recently acquired a whole bunch of hardware cloth. Of course I could never keep a woodshed entirely rat-free, but at least I could build one where it wasn’t convenient for generations of them to build all the way at the back, essentially ruining a bunch of wood. Also the tarpaulin roof and pallet floor are never good for more than a couple of seasons, and flexible walls are not good for keeping neat piles neat. I’ve settled on what will probably be the new permanent location, so maybe I should plan on a pole barn with stockade walls, lined with hardware cloth, rather than a rebuilt hoopshed.

* Sidebar: I met what was until this morning the current occupant. He (we stood so close for so long, I know it was definitely a he) acted as though he couldn’t believe what was happening, like a welfare queen finally facing the eviction crew after months of threatening letters. He seemed more outraged and unbelieving than frightened. Should have brained him with a piece of firewood while we were there.

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7 Responses to Done with that part of the chore…

  1. ZtZ says:

    Yes. Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes you should have brained him with a piece of firewood. And you didn’t because….?????? a. he stood and faced you like a man and deserves respect; b. he wasn’t doing you any harm except exposing you to multiple viral diseases and disgusting blood sucking vermin; c. he was furry and cute; d. you have all the meat you need right now.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Because he’s Uncle Joel and a belly laugh is better than a bullet(or piece of firewood) when encountering the king of the realm. Or not….

  3. Joel says:

    Hey. I’m the king of this bitsy realm. The rat is just one of those revolting peasants you hear about.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    So it wasn’t Pajama Boy, then? In that case, it wasn’t worth the potential injury from chucking a chunka wood at him. On the other hand, if it had been PB or NP or LD or a whole buncha other possibilities, then it would have been totally worth the risk.

  5. riverrider says:

    hey joel, thanks for the tip on the batteries the other day. even though the terminals looked okay, there was corrosion under the connections blocking the flow. as soon as i cleaned them the batteries began to equalize. weird hard film of corrosion, not the flaky, crusty stuff i’m used to.

  6. Goober says:

    River there’s a terminal protection spray that is purple. Sprays on like spray paint. It works great to seal and protect terminals. For inside the connection use dielectric grease. Corrosion will be a thing of the past

  7. riverrider says:

    goober, thanks. that’s what i did, this time around.

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