Don’t be making fun of my AK…

Ian has posted a quick video with footage from our quadcopter experiments, featuring a certain AK which is not actually the World’s Ugliest Carbine but another I borrowed because it already had a rail in place of the upper handguard and has been my go-to long gun for the past few weeks.

Somebody in comments had a thing to say about the concept of a forward-mounted scope on an AK, but I’d like to say that it works beautifully for me. It does some unfortunate things to the balance of the weapon but it’s practically in line with the iron sights so cheek weld is no problem, it totally relieves the short/long vision issues, and I’ve already grown to quite like it. The Leupold slots between the front and rear sights like it was engineered for that one purpose.

Uncle Joel shows up twice in this one, once inadvertently and once…advertently, I suppose. Pretty sure that’s not a word. Ian wanted me to fly the drone up the cliff and past him lying prone, and I told him if anybody pranged that thing into a cliff it would not be me so I climbed the ridge instead. Anyway, I’m prettier.

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4 Responses to Don’t be making fun of my AK…

  1. Keith says:

    It looks like there’s another slice ready to come off the right hand end of that little cliff (the right hand as you look up it).

    might happen with the next thunder storm, or it might be next century.

  2. Joel says:

    yeah, and if it happens in the near future it’ll trash the target stands.

  3. Keith says:

    With some luck, the soft stuff at the bottom will buckle and kick out, then there’s a good chance the harder sandstone on the top of the slice will crumple pretty much on the spot. even better if it takes a hundred years to do it.

    Those cracks look pretty close to vertical, which suggests the other alternative of the whole lot toppling forward, which would be messy.

    sorry, I used to do rock slope stability as an almost but not quite break even job. I should really be leaving it well alone.

  4. Joel says:

    There are places near the cliff edges where I can’t be persuaded to go. That spot right there is a classic.

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