Don’t do this the way we do it.

There are a few unfortunate traditions that have sprung up here at the gulch – I couldn’t tell you why, it’s no choice of ours, it’s just Murphy being Murphy. Among these is we only seem to go to the county dump on really really windy days.

Over the winter a bunch of garbage piled up here at the Secret Lair, that old mattress spring sending me over the point where I can just piggyback on other peoples’ dump runs which is what I usually do. It became necessary to actually take the Jeep and trailer to the dump, which involved convoying with D&L’s big Dodge truck. To keep it legal, Neighbor D insisted on driving the Jeep on the public parts which ended up more or less traumatizing him because of the noise, lousy ride, idiosyncratic shifter (damn you, LB), noise, lack of inside door handle, squirmy steering, and noise. I never saw anyone turn control of a vehicle over to someone else faster in my life. The Jeep is, well, rather worn-in.

None of this would have been a problem except that as it happened we chose a very windy day even by the standards of Spring, which can be very windy indeed. And dump day is just extra special when the wind throws every bit of loose garbage and all the stench back in your face no matter what.

I’ll say one thing for whoever chose this dump’s location – I couldn’t have picked a more godforsaken and otherwise useless place to put it and remained on the planet. It’s basically a moonscape with barely a weed in sight for miles and miles.

And I’m not qualified to comment on how well it’s run but it’s certainly enthusiastically run. Nothing stays above ground here long and they’re always digging and filling new fields of garbage. It’s a large county in terms of square mileage but it only contains like 2.5 smallish towns and lots of outlying homesteads. Considering the huge amount of garbage it collects, I really can’t imagine how more heavily populated places cope with it.

But on top of the wind and the stench and with that big dozer constantly stirring everything up – you can barely see the dozer in the pic for all the particulates it’s throwing into the air – I never come here without seriously needing a bath afterward. It’s basically hell, and I hope the workers are well paid.

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2 Responses to Don’t do this the way we do it.

  1. paulb says:

    Probably one of the best paying jobs in the county.

    making a big trench and then filling it in is pretty much modis operendie.

  2. Jerry says:

    Dirty little secret about Vancouver BC. They used to truck their garbage to Cache Creek, BC by multiple semi’s. Now they just load it in shipping containers and rail it to Eastern Washington.
    They are SO green.
    They also want to keep an oil & gas pipeline from being laid along side an existing one. Not build refineries. The truth is they import 65% of their gasoline/ jet fuel from Washington refineries.
    Which is also why they pay $1.50 per liter.
    So green it hurts.

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