Efficiency in the health care industry?

Maybe not health care exactly. I wouldn’t go to these folks to treat my corona virus. But I like their attitude about building artificial limbs and getting paid.

Only three days out and I got a call from them this afternoon, wanting to set up an appointment for the week after next, sooner the better, because that’s when they’ll be ready with the test socket. And it’s a good thing I did my homework on feet, because he wanted an answer about that. We’re going with the Rush Rogue – and may I say that it is very weird that they sell such a variety of these things they feel the need to give them dumb names like sports cars – because believe it or not* there are online forums where you can look up reviews. And the reviews for the Rush feet are pretty universally positive.

*Ok boomer, it’s not really surprising at all. There are flashlight forums; why does a prosthesis forum surprise me?

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6 Responses to Efficiency in the health care industry?

  1. Now I’m curious. Will that Rush Rogue fit in a shoe, or will you be digging mud out of the crevices whenever you leave the house?

  2. Joel says:

    No, all of these things are covered with a foot-shaped shell and then you wear a shoe or boot over the shell. My own current foot doesn’t look much different from these but you can’t see it without going to considerable effort getting past the boot and shell. And walking on the foot without the shell isn’t something you’d want to make a habit of because there’s no traction at all.

  3. Very interesting for us uninformed.

  4. Kentucky says:

    Impressive . . . the guy as well as the foot . . .



  5. Paul Joat says:

    Are there at least 2 forums? And do they bad mouth each other because the other one is wrong on some fine point that no one outside of their little niche would understand?

  6. Joel says:

    😀 Probably.

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