Elk have come back!

And they’ve been having a party. Saw tracks in the yard – Torso Boy smelled them first, which added spice to his regular morning ‘let’s go have a shit’ walky. Then I took a nice hour’s walk through the boonie, and fresh tracks were everywhere I looked.

I’ve got to refurbish the game camera, figure out why it’s become so lackluster and insensitive, get it reset and put it back out at the waterer.

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2 Responses to Elk have come back!

  1. Mike says:

    I’m gad the critters are back in the area. More fun ahead for you and TB.

    About the trail camera… If you have used a point & shoot camera or your cell phone to look at the images and deleted some stuff on the micro SD card, this could affect the camera. The issue is the possibility of a rewrite of the file structure that your game camera needs to be able to save photos to that SD card.

  2. Paul B says:

    elk is good eating. And no mountains to haul them over

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