Even my Plan B has improved…

It’s on the order of five years ago that S&L moved to the Gulch fulltime, and L started insisting on washing my clothes once a week. I did not vigorously demur: In addition to a washer and dryer, S&L have a water softener! And soon my clothing stopped being capable of doing alternate duty as abrasive material.

But after going on sixteen years living in the boonies on the economic edge I have quite a number of rules I stick to as faithfully as possible, and two of the ones at the top are:

1) Never get too dependent on other people, for shit doth happen to us all, and…

2) Always have a Plan B.

Anyway: Neighbor L went out of state and it might be a while before I see her again, right at a moment when my supply of good gelsocks has passed minimum. When you’re an amputee, Always Use Clean Stumpsocks is a rule you learn not to break very early. I’ve been obeying it for over fifty years now.

So anyway: This morning I’m looking at the contents of my nightstand drawer. And I get to thinking it’s time to implement Laundry Plan B. I’m still okay for a few days, but with the weather the way it’s been I might need that long for thick gelsocks to dry.

For just a moment I mourn the loss of S&L’s water softener, but then it occurs to me: There’s been one at Ian’s place for a year and a half!


So this morning Tobie and I, and my old manual agitator, took ourselves to Ian’s big sink. Hot running water and a TDS count below 300? I’m there!

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5 Responses to Even my Plan B has improved…

  1. Steve Schultz says:

    Got here through the bustnuckles site. Not a regular reader so forgive me my lack of knowledge with your situation.
    Could you explain what a “gelsock” is? I’m an ER nurse and am curious about stuff like this.
    Is this a sock with lots of cushion to absorb stress on your amputation? Is this a sock that would fit inside of an appliance?
    We had a young man in church today with a fresh BKA. I’m wondering if a gelsock would be an appropriate item for me to donate to him.

  2. matismf says:

    Joel – Is it time for a gelsock resupply?

  3. Joel says:

    Mark: I’m afraid it is, yeah. I had to retire quite a few from regular service recently, more than I thought I would have to.

    Steve: a gelsock is a relatively recent development. When I started out stumpsocks were made of wool, later a stretchy polyester, and they gave no cushioning at all. But now they are available with a gel cushion and believe me it makes a huge difference. My current socket is sized for them, so I’m dependent. If you click the “Send Joel Stuff” button above, you’ll see some links that will give you more information.

  4. matismf says:

    What is a current good shipping address?

  5. wayne charles dygert says:

    TDS over 300? Thats more like unset concrete than water 😉

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