Failing to fix Ian’s Mozambique target

Last summer Ian brought a bunch of fancy metallic targets to the Gulch, for use in shooting videos. It quickly became clear that the bane of our shooting existence was going to be this one full-size Mozambique…

The head portion is easy to knock down, and then you’re supposed to be able to reset it with a solid center-mass hit. Maybe you can, with a 50 BMG or a 20mm. With a .30 cal it’s iffy. With a 5.56 or 7.62 commie or any pistol including .44 Magnum at greater than 20 yards, forget it.

It’s supposed to mount to 2X4s but regular lumber allows the target to flop around so much we assumed that was probably the problem. So I found some oversize lumber and trimmed it to just barely fit the mounts. Then last summer (and my right shoulder) went completely to hell and the target got left in the barn. It’s really heavy.

This morning D&L are far away at a doctor’s office so I’m feeding horses and dogs for them, and also not worrying about noise complaints. So I laboriously dragged this overcomplicated nightmare thing out to the range with a rifle and full mag and that box of pistol reloads I filled the other day, and now I can confidently report that…

That stupid target just doesn’t work very well.

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4 Responses to Failing to fix Ian’s Mozambique target

  1. Jim Price says:

    Would there be a way to put a helper spring on the head to give it a little boost?

  2. Klaus says:

    For what that target costs I would reach out to them. It should work…period.

  3. Terrapod says:

    Take some pictures of the backside mechanism. Sounds like something is seriously out of alignment or has hinges that need to be lubricated and worked free.

  4. B says:

    I’m with Terrapod. SOmething ain’t right or simply a lack of lubrication.

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