Field Repair, Chopsaw, firewood

Yeah, it’s a piece of crap.

Found an open circuit, repaired it, got it working again…

…and it’s probably good for the season. But yeah, that was good advice about shopping for a new switch. The obvious open circuit was only part of the problem. I also have to research how to get the switch off the handle, because there’s a safety button I can’t figure how to remove. But for the moment the saw is working again.

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2 Responses to Field Repair, Chopsaw, firewood

  1. R says:

    The Bosch saw is pretty premium gear and has readily available parts for DIY repairs. I’d suggest a repair. It’s way better than the other cheap shit even if it isn’t made in Germany.

  2. Beans says:

    There’s probably a tool restoration video dealing with that brand or a like brand of chopsaw that will give you insights into how to do the complete fix.

    And, being the way of Murphy, it will be something radically stupid and simple, once you’re shown it.

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