FINALLY getting the new reloading shack up and running.

I hurt my shoulder in 2016 and couldn’t even work a press for a while. Unfortunately by the time I could get back to it I had thoroughly lost the war against the rats in the old RV I used for a reloading shack. And you’re either in the habit or you’re not, so it was a while before I even considered it much of an issue.

But I’ve been wanting to do more pistol shooting and commercial ammo is out of the question for anything but defense loads – the only local ammo dealer doesn’t even stock .44 Special – so I had to get back to it but it really has taken me a while. I built the bench out of cut-up fencing and pallets almost a year ago. Cleaned out the RV of everything but the deep-storage stuff in Autumn but got stuck on the need for a shelving unit. That last excuse issue was solved by a neighbor a couple of days ago, because people throw away the damndest things.

And yesterday and today I set up the shelf, wired up some lights, and got busy emptying buckets…

It’s a little cramped; a tiny room in Ian’s powershed originally intended for ammo storage so not entirely inappropriate to repurpose it for loading. Really just exactly big enough with barely an inch to spare. Just the way I like things.

I still have to come up with some tunes, though. Seem to have completely lost my old MP3 player but I believe that tablet computer my brother gave me a couple of years ago will work at least as well.

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6 Responses to FINALLY getting the new reloading shack up and running.

  1. That is GREAT news. I wish you luck with your reloading shack. How are you set for components and tools? Is there anything on your wish-list?

  2. Joel says:

    Oh hell yes. Large pistol primers and .44 bullets, but I’m pretty sure I’m on my own for those as far as USPS is concerned.

  3. Bullets and brass can be mailed or sent by ups, but not primers or powder.

  4. TK421a says:

    Your reloading setup looks real good Joel, colour me jealous. Any chance of Ian picking up the items that can’t go by USPS when he’s traveling? Or, would the local place you get your stuff from order these items for you?

  5. Klaus says:

    Is that something new about no shipping of powder or primers. I’ve had them delivered to my house since at least the early 90s and you just have to pay a hazmat fee on top of your order. I haven’t had to order anything since last fall so I should check. Try Precision Reloading they have good prices.

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