Finally, worked up a pleasant sweat outdoors.

Beautiful day! Mid-fifties, nice sun, no wind to speak of. And that was exactly what the forecast predicted, so I was happy when Neighbor D called and said it was hay day. I had just been trying to plan some way to spend the day outdoors without walking my stump to a bloody sore.

D&L keep about 50 bales for their two horses. When one side of the room is empty, they restock. That way we only have to mess with about 25 bales at a time, which isn’t hard for old folks.

By the time he got there, I had the gates open to pass the trailer. Normally all three of us work on this but L is still healing from her broken knee, plus she had more surgery yesterday and is definitely not feeling well. So D and I took it in turns who was going to handtruck the bales but he did the stacking and I unloaded the trailer. Took about 45 minutes and I got a nice sweat going. Now all is done and I’m home sipping on my last hoarded beer in celebration of what turned into a very fine day. 🙂

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4 Responses to Finally, worked up a pleasant sweat outdoors.

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Looks awfully green for hay. Might it be alfalfa? Or T&A?

  2. Robert says:

    MM: T&A obviously means something other than the not-fit-for-polite-company name of the Navy bar I’m thinking of. Timothy and Alfalfa? Sounds like a short-lived TV resurrection of Spanky & Our Gang.

    Working up a pleasant sweat by bucking bales is better than by shoveling out from yet another Winter Storm Warning here.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    You are correct, Robert. But it is more fun to post the standard acronym…

  4. Kentucky says:

    Having spent a considerable amount of my teen life dealing with the stuff, I’m used to calling anything in “small” bales like those “hay” . . . or straw, depending on actual content.

    The huge bales so popular today have put a lot of youngsters out of summer employment. “Putting up hay” on a hot summer day is character-building, Riding the wagon behind the baler and stacking the bales is a lotta fun, surpassed only by “working the mow”. If you’ve been there, you know. 🙂

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