First of the month, and…

…a bit of a frosty one, by our standards. That’ll change as soon as the sun clears the ridge, of course, but…

…it was cheering to be able to note that I’m officially 1/3 done with the minimum I promised to accomplish before actual (not official) winter. I’ve always had a problem with the weatherman’s insistence on using the solstices and equinoxes to mark the start of seasons; if you haven’t frozen your ass solid long before the official start of winter, you’re doing something right.

I’m supposed to get back on the Sawzall this morning and trash some more pallets, but I don’t know how much I’ll actually accomplish. I hit my goal yesterday but was tired and out of sorts all day and never accomplished another blessed thing, and today is battery day plus the usual chicken chores and such. Then Friday through Wednesday I have another twice-a-day T&S back and forth. So I’ll cut wood if only to keep in the “I’m cutting firewood now” mindset, but I plan to be gentle with myself as to how much I actually accomplish. Happily I’m ahead of where I expected to be on October 1; it takes a lot of those skinny little billets to make a tier.

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  1. Stefan says:

    Your independence is something I envy. What if you cut two pallets a week between April-October? 48 pallets. Maybe more, maybe less. You probably wouldn’t swap with me. I for one would forbid it…I know you too well by now.

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