Fog now?

This is just so wrong.

I’ve been promised temps in the sixties every day this week and it has yet to happen. In terms of sunshine I’ve lost all faith in “free beer tomorrow,” though I do admit there was enough wan sunshine yesterday to top off the batteries. And it didn’t rain.

So today is not an improvement. And starting out with pea-soup fog? This is the frickin’ high desert, not Cape Disappointment*. We don’t fog.

I hate weather.

*an actual place I only learned about this morning. So wherever you live and however displeased you might be with it, just tell yourself it could be worse.

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2 Responses to Fog now?

  1. deleted says:

    There is also a Destruction Bay up in theYukon. Have had lunch there a few times. **

  2. Johno says:

    The nearby SSAA Innisfail branch has their 500 metre rifle/pistol/shotgun range at Murdering Point, in far north Queensland. The name arose from the dining habits of the original inhabitants, and their ‘welcome wagon’ for shipwrecked sailors and ship passengers, after ships foundered on the local coral reefs.

To the stake with the heretic!