Food! Wealth!

I got two care packages from Big Brother this morning, and spent some time this morning stocking the new loft pantry.

Which I like! I can put cardboard containers of (mostly not food) stuff up there without needing to worry about it being torn to shreds by rats. The powershed pantry has now been completely retired except for the bulk buckets – because overhead storage for a 40-pound bucket makes zero sense – and that has given me much more room for tools and parts. I’m loving it!

Wealth, as I’ve emoted before, is not money but cans and tanks and sacks of food and fuel! Wealth is knowing certainly that you’ll be warm and fed for an extended period. Next to that, money in the bank is poor comfort.




With winter coming on, from a cedar rat’s perspective this right here is worth more than so many gold bars…

I’m going to town today to fill my propane and gasoline containers, which will end my anxiety about being able to do a dog-and-horse-sitting job next week. And I still need a dollar store trip to stock up on canned fruit and veggies, but the money for that is in hand (thanks to all.) So Joel’s winter nesting frenzy can wind down now. If things settle down and the weather stays mild I may have another wood-cutting marathon just to fill that pesky open space at the front of the woodshed, just so I can say I did. But there’s already more wood in there than I’ve ever stacked in November. Not too worried about freezing, no matter what happens.

Also! Look what BB sent for that Honda generator!

I don’t know if it’ll ever get used enough to need a new air filter, but there are two replacement filters in stock in case it ever does. (Good thinking, because these would have been impossible to find locally. This generator is, frankly and meaning no slur on my fellow cedar rats, a little upscale for local suppliers.) And a nice purpose-built cover to keep it from getting all grodie in the powershed between uses.

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3 Responses to Food! Wealth!

  1. Robert says:

    Yup, ya can’t eat money. Joel, your pics of food warms my heart.

    My landlord complained about the weight of my zombie apocalypse food stashed in my room. Not only does he not cook, he has no food stashed away other than a few cans of soup and some frozen pizza. I told him he was gonna get hungry if we get snowed in for a week as it is not my responsibility to feed the short-sighted.

  2. Matt says:

    Money in the bank and gold in a bucket is fine until you can’t get to a store or find anyone that will trade their food for it. I would rather have the food and fuel in hand.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is a certain good feeling to sit in my living room, watching it snow, feeling the wood heat, knowing I have all the firewood I need to see me through the winter, that the freezer is filled with a harvest of fruits, vegetables, moose, elk, deer, salmon, trout, and beef. There is a certain good feeling knowing that even if I cannot get out for two months, and if there’s no power, I can cook, stay warm, eat well (I would move the big chest freezer to the shaded north side of the house, where its platform is) and I’d get a heck of a lot of indoor projects done. It’s not smugness—it is security and pride in being prepared, I think. I imagine everyone reading this is of the same sentiments.
    Congratulations Joel! Great job.

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