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Whom shall we lionize next? Grand Cyclops Byrd? Spiro Agnew? I don’t think Adolf Eichmann has had a opera made of his life yet, but the century is young.

Look, I don’t have anything very specific against JFK, except for that little Viet Nam kerfuffle and almost setting off WWIII, though that arguably wasn’t his fault. (Hey, I was in South Florida at the time and take it a bit personally.) Historical hindsight suggests that economically he might have turned out not to be a totally bad president, if it hadn’t been for that unfortunate trip to Dallas.

But Bobby Kennedy? Mr. Corrupt, Nepotistic AG? Other than hating on J. Edgar Hoover, I’ve got no reason to love that pissant. And then there’s Teddy. I understand how RFK got in the pantheon – he had the good sense to get killed at a strategic moment. But what the hell is Teddy doing there? Who besides the expensive scotch industry could ever have loved Teddy?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not watch the following video unless you have first carefully checked your blood insulin levels. Ailments related to excessive sweetness are not the responsibility of TUAK, its management or advertisers. I just want you to see what I had to put up with in the sixties.

And what’s Morgan Freeman doing up there? I had more respect for him, before just now.

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3 Responses to From the “Get a load of this” Files…

  1. It always amazes me how teddy got away with drunken murder. How they could love a man who could cowardly abandoned Mary Joe in his car, cause her death, in a lake, not call the accident in till they raised the car,then become an object of sympathy and then adoration is a telling statement of the flexible nature of the ethics, mental gymnastics of sheep.

    Heh I was called small minded for bringing it up during the love in when he finally went to hell ( I hope). I was small? As if he was caught smoking pot during college of something, so be it, I would rather be small then a moral relativist.

  2. Weetabix says:

    I’ve been losing respect for Morgan Freeman for quite some time.

    I lump him with several other actors whose work I like, but when they’re not on film, they need to be put back in the stable. It can be a posh, resort-like stable, but it needs to be somewhere that no one can hear them talk.

    I’m sad to see Ed Harris up there.

  3. Jeffrey Quick says:

    I am reminded of Prokofiev’s “Toast to Stalin” or the various works written in praise of Hitler. It might be a fun commission to take though, if the money was good enough, and one could find a way to subvert the message…like basing Teddy’s music on drinking songs.

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