Get a load of this.

Wonder why you haven’t heard much from the Brady Bunch lately? Wonder why those breast-beating ninnies haven’t been pissing in your Cheerios while gun rights activists have been cleaning up their mess in one state legislature after another? Where’d they go? Are they so terrified by the random gunfire and the blood flowing down the “wild west” streets that they can’t bring themselves out from under their beds long enough to fight back?

Well, this might have something to do with it.

Imagine – all that fodder for their fearmongering, and the best they can come up with is a snarky Daily Show clip? I saw this almost a month ago, and thought it was funny as hell.

From the looks of their pathetic attempts at fundraising, they appear to have lost their base. Damn shame. Could it be that people looked around and saw that blood was not, in fact, flowing in the streets, and decided to keep their money in their pocket and stop hassling us?

H/t to The Smallest Minority

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To the stake with the heretic!