Get the &*(! off my lawn!


Okay, technically (and not so technically) it’s not my lawn. But damn do I wish the roofers would just install the (redacted) roof and go away. Six in the morning, radio blaring, dogs all upset, I dunno whether I dare leave them unwatched so I can go do my own thing…

These guys are driving me crazy. How the contractor makes any money, spending this much time to install one (redacted) roof, I truly don’t understand.

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One Response to Get the &*(! off my lawn!

  1. Pat H. says:

    A roof of the size needed for your “lair” should take no more than one day if all the materials are on site.

    If they’re taking longer than two days, send them away.

    You can do it yourself, with some difficulty (yes, I’m considering your physical ability), with one additional friend easily.

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