Getting the summer mess sorted out…

Finished the trim on the Lair’s back door, and that’s closing in on the last of the cabin-improving chores for the season. Still need to sand and paint the door itself, and connect a junction box under the cabin for the new battery voltage readout. Plenty of time.

That meant I could do something I have dearly desired all summer long – getting the damned work table out of the damned yard…

…and back to the woodlot for autumn woodcutting. Yay! Also spent several minutes with my pick-up magnet gathering up (hopefully) all the screws and nails that had gotten scuffed into the dirt under and around the table in the past five months. Removing that table will make it a lot easier to turn the Jeep around, since the wash stole my driveway ramp and I’m currently limited to in and outing over the ridge. Don’t need to pick up any flat tires while I’m doing it.

Yesterday was also baking day. I’m in one of those frustrating periods where I can’t get my bread to rise reliably. I had two pounds of free but out-of-date yeast that had gradually lost its oomph, and in compensating for that I had developed bad habits. At least I think that’s the explanation/excuse for yesterday’s disappointment: After opening a new package of yeast I just over-rose the dough and then the loaves, which looked really good up till then, fell in the oven. So I’ll spend the next few mornings enjoying my breakfast biscotti, then try again sometime next week. Won’t be the first time.

Out and around this morning…

I need to do chicken chores at least twice a day now because of the chicks, of course. As expected they had emptied their feeder, using most of the contents to really disgustingly foul their waterer. While I had the door open sorting that out there was the usual panicked pandemonium in the course of which one of the chicks popped out of the cage and disappeared out of my field of view in a flash. I looked around, only to find that she had doubled back and was now looking for a way back into the nice safe cage. I just opened the door and she quietly hopped right in. Yeah, chickens are mostly Government Party voters.

Yesterday I put a couple of mousetraps in the Jeep so this morning I could reinforce the barn rat traps…

…and also found in another room of the barn that we had our first rat kill in I think over a month.

When I texted Landlady with the news, she responded “Well, crap. Still getting in somehow.” Yeah, I don’t think we’ll ever stop them entirely – though their current entry point is something of a mystery.

Laddie is getting used to the morning Jeep ride, which means he’s enjoying them more than he did at first. “Stay in the Jeep” is not a direction he feels necessarily obligated to follow, though. And he’s so quiet you never quite know where the little bastard is from one second to the next. Not sure he’s ever entirely coming off the leash.

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4 Responses to Getting the summer mess sorted out…

  1. Mike says:

    Hey Joel,

    Good work on the trim. As for the rats, next time you are in town pick up a box of Bounce dryer sheets then spread the sheets around where ever you think the little bastards are getting in. Rats and mice hate the smell. I’ve been doing the Bounce dryer sheet thing in my truck for a while and it seems to be working well. The added bonus is that the truck smells nice. Looks like Laddie is still in the semi alpha male mindset where he takes direction as if it’s sort of a suggestion. Good luck with that.

  2. Matt says:

    I had a quiet small dog once. I wound up putting a bell on her collar.

  3. Anon says:

    Have you tried hanging the chicks water feeder a few inches off the floor. It stops them messing it so much.

  4. UnReconstructed says:

    Hi Joel, If you ever overproof (too long rise) bread again, just punch it down, and let it rise again. You can actually do that a few times….

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