Good luck with that, Barack.

His biggest frustration is us! (sniff)I’m so proud.

This clip characteristically contains several blatant lies, principal among them that he believes there’s no background check in place for gun purchases so anybody can just ‘walk right up to a store and buy a semiautomatic weapon.’ I presume he’s not so stupid as to actually believe that, but he clearly thinks a lot of Americans are and alas he may be right.

Supposedly he has elsewhere recently praised Australia’s gun confiscations, and thinks that would be a fine policy to pursue here. I wonder if, ensconced in his ivory tower, he has failed to notice that gun owners in two eastern states are already in virtual insurrection against their state governments over similar measures? New Yorkers and Connecticut(ers?) are presumably among the more well-behaved citizens of the republic, and that’s the way they reacted to talk of confiscation.

Wait’ll he gets a load of the rest of us.


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7 Responses to Good luck with that, Barack.

  1. jc2k says:


  2. jabrwok says:


    Or, less officially, Nutmegger, Connecticotian, Connecticutensian, Connecticutian, Connetian, and my personal favorite, Yankee:-P.

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    Furthermore, the “background checks” are pretty much irrelevant… meaningless, along with all the other “control” stuff.

    The absolute insanity is the belief that regulating how, who and when ordinary people own guns or carry has anything whatsoever to do with criminals. The nutcase pair in Nevada (as with all murderers) would no doubt have had zero problems getting guns, or any other weapon they wanted, regardless of present, new or different “laws” and this is what none of the bleeding hearts can begin to accept. The politicians know better, I think… but if they can make it work for them, why not?

    The total disconnect of these, oh so “reasonable” people with the absolute fact that the all too possible alternative to self defense with an effective weapon is DEATH. The delusion that everyone should just dial 911 and wait to be rescued…. or just “be a good witness…” Hard to do either when you are bleeding out or…. How many people murdered in Washington DC, Chicago, NYC, etc. were effectively armed. OOPS… almost none.

    Obummer obviously doesn’t trouble his pea brain with any of that, of course.

  4. Ro says:

    Obamas government resembles Matt Brackens books more and more daily. On everything from gun policies to illegal immigration(can I say that now or is it undocumented workers?)

  5. Buck. says:

    Well, if the actual truth were known, Barack, if he could actually bring himself to speak truth, would have to say his bank account is his proudest achievement since he took office.

  6. anonymous says:

    Yeah, about those needed waiting periods – what if you ALREADY own a gun, you think ‘new and shiny and registered’ is the way criminals play ? Find out how many felons register the guns they use in commission of their crimes Mr President – we all want to know how those laws are working!

  7. Tennessee Budd says:

    MamaLiberty got it: I used to do my share (well, and yours, and yours, and yours…) of drugs. Never had a problem finding them. Same-same with weapons, if you want them.
    Ro, sorry, but they’re not undocumented. They have more documents, esp. SS cards, than I do; also, “illegal immigration” is self-contradictory. Immigration is a legal process; it’s like saying “law-abiding criminal.” Not trying to bust your balls, just pointing out the idiocy of a phrase I (and probably you) am heartily sick of.
    “Illegal alien” is accurate, and I wish painful sodomy committed upon the feel-good leftists who find it offensive.

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