Good luck with that, fellas.

Courtesy of BB we learn of the latest impediment to law enforcement officers’ efforts to get home safely at the end of their shift…

Feds Issue 4,000 Orders to Seize Guns from People who Failed Background Checks

Which news shouldn’t be as alarming as it’s probably supposed to sound. Buried deep, deep in the article we learn that that “4000 guns” figure – actually 4,170 – is for 2016, and is only a little higher than the 2015 figure. But still, you should panic! Call your congressvermin and yell real loud!

“These are people who shouldn’t have weapons in the first place, and it just takes one to do something that could have tragic consequences,” said David Chipman, a former ATF official who helped oversee the firearm retrieval program…

…and who, we only learn later, is now a “senior policy adviser” for the Gifford Law Center for Enhanced Victim Disarmament. Be afraid!

Okay, I have to concede in fairness that if I were – in some bizarro world – a bottom-rung ATF agent and that if I received an order to go retrieve a firearm from some smelly desert hermit because the FBI screwed up the background check on an otherwise legal purchase from a FFL, it’s very possible the mission would conclude with a report that I was unable to locate said hermit, or that we did meet and that he had already sold the firearm forward.

I swear I don't know these guys.

I swear I don’t know these guys.

Because are you kidding? There’s a lot of desert out there, and that guy probably owns a shovel, too.

The article mentions that such reports do occur. Overall the ATF declines to say just how many of those thousands of “retrieval requests” result in “retrieved” firearms. My guess is not many, but I’m often wrong about such things.

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5 Responses to Good luck with that, fellas.

  1. Mike says:

    In the end this is all moot even if the BATF manage to collect every firearm, which is very doubtful. The effectiveness of these recalls all depend on one thing, the firearms owners obeying the request and not doing a work around. For example a guy owns a 1911 or a AR and the request comes in. He strips the gun down and turns in the frame telling Mr. BATF guy he’s sold the parts. Then he gets a PO box and orders a 80% frame plus the jig and cutting tools. A few hours work in the shop and presto he has a brand new 1911 or AR frame to which he adds the parts and now he has a 1911 or AR that’s totally off the books.

  2. M.Silvius says:

    NICS background checks are only supposed to be kept for 24 hrs. So what records were reviewed to ascertain 4170 inappropriate gun purchases?

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    Very, very good, M.Silvius. Many of us always knew there was a national registry… just by a different name.

    This could get interesting. :) I wrote a story about this kind of things years ago. It’s called, “There’s A Fed in My Soup.”

  4. Kentucky says:

    Excellent point, M.Silvius. I’d love to hear the BATFEIEIO explain that.


  5. I’m not in the business of defending any of this – but I think the answer is that completed checks – the results – are purportedly destroyed after 24 hours. How else could a 3-day hold ‘work’ – that’s already more than the 24 hours. If the NICS doesn’t reply to the check after 3 days the FFL can complete the transfer. If the NICS folk reply on the fourth day (or anytime later) that the purchaser is prohibited – then they’re probably required to ask about the state of the transfer – and if completed already – notify the ATF.

    I was talking to a FFL a couple days ago asking about some details on this. I asked if a transfer (after a 3 day hold had passed) occured and later had come back either permitted or denied – did he record it. He offered that he didn’t either get or keep that info. (I think he was bs’ing me on that one…) He also offered that they (NICS) didn’t always get back with him at all after 3 day holds had passed. Interesting if true…

    Anyone with FFL paperwork experience care to comment on the veracity of what I’d been told?

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