Good news on the new leg issue…

I’ve been dreading the matter of repairing/replacing my prosthetic leg, a thing that really does need to be done this year, not because of the cost since I did manage to drag it over the “eligible for Medicare” goal line but because the only functioning prosthetist I’m aware of is many many miles away. I could conceivably get it done but it would mean imposing on friends to put me up – and being away from home, which I loathe – for weeks. Not in a hurry to do that. But since it’s now official that both ends of my leg are literally falling to pieces, there’s only so much procrastination allowed before you start getting ridiculous even in your own eyes.

There’s a prosthetics/orthotics office in the big town about 50 miles away, the same town where I get my eyes abused and examined, but I was in there several years ago and they only made braces. In my urgent desire to avoid spending another summer month in a city far away I overcame my reluctance to talk to strangers on the telephone, called that office and asked again about whether they’re doing prosthetic limbs there. And surprise! I accidentally connected with the fairy godmother department, which informed me that they do indeed make limbs there now. And I have an appointment for week after next, which I can keep if I can A) arrange for a ride, probably no big deal, and B) get a doctor’s prescription sometime between now and then. Yes, you need a prescription for prosthetic appliances because otherwise you might contribute to the epidemic of prosthetic limb abuse.

There really shouldn’t be a need for a “let’s buy Joel a new leg” fund, because Medicare. Basically you’re already buying it. 🙁 But I do appreciate the thought and will keep y’all posted on progress.

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5 Responses to Good news on the new leg issue…

  1. I have no idea what a prosthetic costs or what Medicare would cover on a prosthetic, but most of their coverage is 80% with 20% on you, so do keep us posted if you need tip jar hits for the 20%.

  2. Zelda says:

    The fact that they make them doesn’t say anything about the quality or durability, quality being most important given your lifestyle. The most modern leg techniques and materials carefully and thoughtfully applied to your situational needs would outweigh how close they are and the fact that they allow you to avoid the temporary mental discomfort of travel and crowds. That leg is a critical component of your chosen lifestyle. What can they tell you about how good they are at making top quality legs? Is there a guarantee, what does it cover and for how long? Do they make them or take measurements and send those somewhere? Can you get a discount if you buy one and a spare?

  3. terrapod says:

    Ooh-rah! This is one time I will not complain about my taxes, seeing they are going to support our favourite desert hermit. Stay the course and get it done young feller.

  4. matismf says:

    And if there are options on the prosthetic, let us know how much they’ll cost you I’ll be glad to help you get the Ferrari version if it’s available…

  5. Good news! I read the rest above this post in catchup mode. Sorry about the fun with the medical bureaucracy. It’s not going to get any easier, believe me.

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