Google keeps trying to save us from ourselves.


Google tried censoring ‘gun’ shopping searches. It backfired

Early Tuesday morning, Internet shoppers started noticing and documenting the digital gaffes. Users received error notices when they searched for glue guns and water guns, toy guns and airsoft guns, nail guns and nerf guns. The algorithm is apparently so strict that even the color “burgundy” triggered an error…

This set off something of a parlor game on social media. Turns out, adults don’t like it when faceless bureaucrats try enforcing arbitrary restrictions — federal, corporate, or otherwise.

Casey “Stable Genius” Smith found that Google now censors “Laguna Beach.”


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6 Responses to Google keeps trying to save us from ourselves.

  1. Mike says:

    This isn’t surprising given the feelings about firearms in the not so United States these days. And it’s not only Google, BlackRock Inc is going the anti-gun route too. BlackRock, one or the biggest investment firms with $5 trillion worth of assets is now offering people investment packages that don’t include gun manufactures.This is serious, considering BlackRock is the largest shareholder in Sturm, Ruger & Co and American Outdoor Brands AKA Smith & Wesson. If enough people were to go this route, there is a real possibility that BlackRock could divest itself from firearms makers and send companies like Ruger into chapter11.

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    I use “start page,” which is using Google I’m told, just without the tracking. I did a search for LL Bean gun sales today, after reading they have joined the dumb shits now limiting gun sales to those 21 and older. The search came up just fine.

    I didn’t even know Bean sold guns! I like their boots… but it seems I won’t be buying anything more from them now. I was going to look for some slippers, but oh well… guess I’ll look at Amazon.

  3. Ok, if an investor “divests” a stock it simply means they sell it. That has no impact on the company whose stock is being sold. None. No company is going to go bankrupt because someone sells their stock in the company to someone else.

    So if a bunch of supposedly intelligent investors decide to divest at the same time for reasons having nothing to do with a company’s financial prospects, it will likely drive the price down, creating a nice buying opportunity for less irrational investors and lost potential gains for the divestor.


  4. Norman says:

    I’m reluctant to use the term “woke” because of its severely Leftist associations, but I’ll make a prediction: A good many firearms-related businesses will take heed and, while several years will be required, the more alert in that crowd will, with less-than-zero fanfare, reorganize their external dependencies regarding financial structure.

    Business types regard incoming money from nearly any source as A Good Thing, but that’s not necessarily the case; the quality and flavor of that money will now be receiving a great deal more scrutiny.

  5. Edward says:

    I wonder if this blocking algorithm is selective in what parts of the country it works in. Have just tested the theory by looking up a dozen words and outright gun specific items via Go0gle and every one appears to work normally, producing a large selection of responses. Would not surprise me if they implement only in heavily blue states/cities and not the rest of the country.

  6. Ben says:

    Edward, what’s easy to miss in that article is that the “ban” only applies to Google Shopping, normal Google searches and Google-owned sites such as UTube don’t seem to be impacted.

    Intrigued by Joel’s post, I tried some research and at first came up blank until I realized that I was searching via Google News! Switching to Yahoo News yielded a few articles on the subject. This article, says that the gun ban isn’t even recent, but actually dates back to 2012. The “ban” seems to stem from Google’s advertising policy, which you can find here:

    Since that document is undated, I have no idea if there are any recent changes reflected here.

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