Gorrrrramit, Tobie!

This kid combines the chewing fetish of a typical puppy with the chewing ability of a … well, a combine.

Today, the little sonovabitch wrecked his own harness.

While he was wearing it.

I actually expected to be able to fix the damage in a few minutes, because one thing I have a lot of is webbing in various widths…

But unfortunately it turned out I had completely run myself out of slide fittings in 1 1/2″. There’s a drug store in town with lots of crafty stuff and I’m hoping to pick up what I need in the morning. In the meantime…

…he gets to wear his puppy harness, which even let all the way out is almost-but-not-quite choking him.

Serves him right, says I.

I’ve been actually thinking about getting him a more substantial harness anyway, and this was incentive to pull the trigger on the purchase. So in about a week the repaired one will become his plan B harness.

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4 Responses to Gorrrrramit, Tobie!

  1. winston smith says:

    One thing that might help:
    Remove most of his chew toys and swap out groups of chew toys every other day. Maybe rub some flavor on a ‘new’ one as he gets it. I’ve found that 2 or 3 toys at a time is plenty. Presently them single thruout the day works too. Just take one up as you dole one out.
    Doesnt work with all dogs, but it does with some.

  2. Spokes says:

    Maybe the harness was uncomfortable…might consider about how you’d feel wearing a sports bra or girdle somebody harnessed you to.

  3. Mike says:

    It’s too bad that you can’t let Tobie go out alone to burn off some of the puppy wanna play energy. But, I’m sure that wouldn’t end well.

  4. boynsea says:

    That boy has some good teeth!

    My last male dog hated being on leash at the vet. ‘White coat” syndrome?
    He could get through a 1/2 inch nylon leash in about 2 bites.

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