Got a 28 gauge?

You’re in business!

Seems kind of pricey, but I don’t recall ever pricing 28 gauge so what do I know.

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6 Responses to Got a 28 gauge?

  1. bob says:

    I positively take glee in pointing out others mistakes. This stuff isn’t pricey because of the ammo shortage. It’s pricey because it’s about to become a collectors item. Rem toes up and all.(if you believe what I just said…. bridge….for sale…couldn’t resist)

  2. Stuart says:

    28’s have always been a bit pricey but $1 a pop! I’ll pass.

  3. Cookie says:

    Prices like that are why people don’t give warning shots anymore! LOL

  4. Paul B says:

    Would have to cut those one for self defense. 7 1/2 is some small bb’s

  5. Mike says:

    Meanwhile, up here in the Great White North, the ammo prices and availability are mostly the same. The only ammo price hikes I’ve seen are with the American brands. The stuff from Europe and Korea haven’t gone up that much, if at all.

    Hell, just before Christmas I picked up 480 rounds of surplus Austrian 7.62 MM for $360 CAD ($280 USD) and the shipping was free.

  6. Mattexian says:

    16, 20, and 28 were the *only* ammo I saw in my local Wally World yesterday. I have my grandfather’s single 16, but I already have a few boxes for it (because I believe that a gun without ammo is an awkward club or paperweight).

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