Got a lot of rain overnight…

The first rainfall of any substance since Monsoon, and only the second …well, since Monsoon. Which ended sometime in September. Early September. Far too warm for snow, it hasn’t been cold in a month…

…in fact I was thinking this might be the freakiest January since … last January, which was so warm I actually complained. But that’s why I keep records, and average morning temps were far higher this time last year. We’ve only had one half-decent cold snap so far this winter, and it was a month ago and snapped all my pipes. So actually on reflection that was enough.

Anyway, as I said we had a lot of rain overnight, I woke up determined to track down the source of that unfamiliar rushing sound, and then when I determined what it was I relaxed only to be struck by a sudden misgiving…

…wow, I really should have closed up the Jeep if it was going to rain…

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3 Responses to Got a lot of rain overnight…

  1. Mike says:

    We’re having a bit of a heat wave today and tomorrow as well. The precipitation we are expecting is supposed to fall as liquid. Just last week it was in the minus thirties and today it will hit 6 deg C. Once this was known as the January Thaw but now I guess the Volvo driving eco-nazi crowd will use this as another portent that the world is ending environmentally.

  2. terrapod says:

    Don.t see any fish or ducks in there, must have come through OK. You could use a couple of new seat cushions tho’

  3. Joel says:

    Got that right. The Jeep is in big need of seats.

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